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Kraków Loves Adana Announce New Album “Follow The Voice” & Shares Title Track

September 5, 2021
Photo credit: Kraków Loves Adana

Kraków Loves Adana Announce New Album “Follow The Voice”

Kraków Loves Adana – the Hamburg based, Dream pop duo headed by singer and producer Deniz Cicek – announced their sixth studio album Follow The Voice, which is due out November 12th. The announcement is completed by the release of the video for the record’s title track “Follow The Voice”, which was directed by the band in collaboration with director of photography Philip Jestädt and additional art design by Hannes & Johannes.

Follow The Voice” commences with the distinct punchy dream beats which start to fight against the intoxicating repetitive loop which offers this precise synth note, the formation of those notes starts to form that formidable loop which becomes the dominating tone for the ensemble. As the atmosphere starts to build, the mood alters and when the personal vocal harmonies emerge and push the direction of this creation, intimacy emits in this strong fashion.

The direct vocal notes and personal lyrics offer this raw, cutting attribute to this honest arrangement, as the harmonies sweep across the volatile ambiance, the audience find themselves hooked on the emotional stir of the composition. Kraków Loves Adana have this unique ability to manipulate these organic synth sound waves, using a sound that is so well known and sculpted into a fresh delivery. With the addition of the striking vocal range which resonates warmth and emotive appeal, Kraków Loves Adana yet again delivers another enriched and flawless orchestration. The depth of the textures within this new cut just consumes you.

As the addictive pull from the striking emotional harmonies starts to simmer, the jagged synth notes soar across the atmosphere and add this influx of energy into the final few bars of this lasting release.

Speaking of the new single and album announcement, Deniz Cicek comments:

“Follow The Voice is back! And with it comes an album announcement. This song has been cursed from the start. We had to shoot the video twice. The release was postponed multiple times. In the end it became a song I never expected or wanted it to be. And then it was deleted from the world. Today, I am breaking this curse – the original version of Follow The Voice is out at last – a song that obviously developed a life of its own. And even though it disappeared for a while, its essence was always with me.”

Kraków Loves Adana formed in 2006 after eyeing each other for months at the same nightclubs in Germany. The group’s guitar-driven electronic ballads echo dream pop with a melancholic edge. The pair’s fifth studio album Darkest Dreams was released in 2020 and offered a closer look into a world where dreams and reality collide. In autumn 2019 Chromatics invited Kraków Loves Adana to directly support them on their Double Exposure Tour through Europe.


All My Life

Follow The Voice

Young Again

Dream House

I Have To Go

Taint My Mind

What Will Never Be

See You Shout


Close The Blinds

Kraków Loves Adana’s new album Follow The Voice will be released November 12th on limited sky blue sprinkled neon pink vinyl and digital format. The pre-order starts today on the duo’s Bandcamp.

Pre-order Follow The Voice here:


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