KAINA Shares New Single “Casita” and Signs to City Slang for Upcoming Album set for 2022

September 21, 2021
Press shot, credit Alexa Viscius

KAINA Shares New Single “Casitaand Signs to City Slang for Upcoming Album set for 2022

Firmly one of today’s essential artists, beloved Venezuelan/Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter KAINA returns with her striking new song “Casita” and lyric visual, featured below.

The song celebrates the modest home she grew up in and nourished her, and simultaneously signals her own personal evolution and newly found sense of self. It honors a distinct upbringing that many first generation individuals experience in the US.

Additionally, KAINA has announced she has signed with esteemed independent label, City Slang, to release her upcoming body of work.

A stunning release with this pure influence that resonates throughout. Kaina builds a world with the ultimate vibe, immersive and creative. The soulful vocal notes and rich textures combine to create this compelling composition with some serious hooks.

KAINA says of the song, “‘Casita’ is about all the people I miss. I miss sharing space in my home, staying up way too late talking shit and laughing – I miss sharing my mother’s cooking with friends and family. It is heavily inspired by early 2000’s pop & R&B music and I tried to lean heavily into the dramatics of the song by channeling that feel. Some music I referenced was made by The Cheetah Girls Movie and Oscar D’Leon. It was amazing working on this track with my good friends Luke Titus and Sen Morimoto who produced this track with my direction. It also features Brian Sanborn on guitar and Bay Area sweetheart La Doña on trumpet. The background vocals feature my mom, my aunt, and my dear friend Nnamdi”

Born in Chicago to immigrant parents, KAINA creates generational music that surpasses borders and speaks to a far-reaching community of people that grew up in between languages, cultures, regions, and genres. KAINA has been catapulted to the forefront of a new wave of artists transforming the music landscape through deep representation.

Her previous projects, the 2016 EP sweet asl. and her debut 2019 album Next To The Sun, cemented KAINA as a critically acclaimed artist and established her cult following. The projects showcased her signature sound that is lined with a sweet-hearted optimism, devastating authenticity and one that she uses as a means to uplift and build community. She has previously collaborated with Saba, The O’My’s, Sen Morimoto, and through multidisciplinary work around Chicago with various organizations.

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