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Inwards Shares New Track “Hospital Job” Alongside 360 VR Video – New EP “Feeling So Fun Reality” out October 7th via Small Pond Recordings

September 6, 2021

Inwards Shares New Track ‘Hospital Job’ – Accompanied by a 360 VR video

New EP ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ out October 7th via Small Pond Recordings

Electronic artist Kristian Shelley – AKA Inwards – releases new single ‘Hospital Job’, as the latest single from new EP ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ – out October 7th via Brighton based tastemaker label Small Pond

Built around percussive, otherworldly samples and synth loops ‘Hospital Job’ seems to echo from within. Shifting sonic elements, evolving and competing, create various snaking aural perspectives. Throughout, though, there remains a human sentiment expressed by the sounds. You can feel the warmth of the creators touch on the machine. 

The hallucinatory vibe stems from the track’s genus, as Inwards explains: 

“This one is about eating too many mushrooms and completely falling apart. My friend referred to the time as ‘Hospital Job’, so it’s about those memories.” 

As ever though – this is a vague inspiration, a search for a feeling, rather than aiming at something too literal. The result is a wordless conversation conveying a million and one different meanings to a million and one different ears. This points to Inwards preference of instrumental music – the capacity to run off emotion without fully understanding what it is you’re channelling per se, and the multitude of interpretations on the receivers end. 

The illusory feel is aided and exacerbated by a trippy 360 Virtual Reality video, created by Sebastian Price, who says:

“The video was designed to feel like somewhere between a near death experience, a trip and a lucid dream. Things don’t appear as they should, perspectives are warped, scenes and surroundings aren’t complete, lighting rapidly shifts, and the camera eerily flies through these memories, or dreams, in an artificially smooth ways. Certain parts of images are very well replicated but small details are lost, faces become abstract shapes.”

With “Hospital Job“, Inwards approaches a more aggressive nature that emits through the cutting textures and coarse tones that cascade across the ensemble. Adding this fierce push with the direction, the biting and on- occasion, jarring noises and synth notes that weave throughout the soundscape, all deliver this immense complexity to the track.

As with all of Inwards’ ensembles, the atmosphere created and nurtured throughout manages to relay this emotional appeal which in turn, hooks the audience. As Inwards starts to sculpt that landscape and ambiance at the start of the initial passages of the release, the playful riff keeps the intimate essence of the release amongst the bolder rhythms which start to layer up the arrangement.

As this vast and compelling soundscape intensifies, the energy simply hypnotizes the audience, Inwards continues to play an abundance of notes and off-kilter tones, playing off one another, adding in ample effects, tweaks, pitches, and building on the cadence of buoyant beats created. When the release heads towards its ambitious finale and silence re-enter the aura, you will be left in awe. Expressive, experimental, and engrossing.

The ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ EP is a sister release to 2019’s ‘Feelings of Unreality’ EP – merely shifting where the spaces between the letters land to flip the meaning entirely on its head. Whereas the 2019 effort was laced with anxiety and cyclical internal conflict at the perspective-destroying, fathomless possibilities of ideas and scenarios built in the mind, ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ reflects an optimism grounded in the real world. In this, it takes on a similar human feel to the best work of Aphex TwinClark or Boards of Canada.  

Whilst a subtle pivot towards more celebratory sounds, ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ follows a consistent style and aesthetic that has earned Inwards numerous champions. MOJO  magazine gave 2020 album ‘Bright Serpent’ a glowing 4* review to go alongside press takes from Electronic Sound, Clash, DUMMY, The 405 and more. BBC 6 Music (Steve LamacqLauren LaverneTom RavenscroftStuart Maconie) and Radio 1 (Huw Stephens) supported on the airwaves in the UK, with KCRW in the states also spinning. 

Hospital Job’ is out now ahead of new EP ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ – out October 7th via Small Pond. 




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