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Gavin Brown Takes On Chloé Morgan | Interview Special

September 30, 2021

Gavin Brown Chats To Chloé Morgan

Interview Special

Chloé Morgan – is a singer first and foremost but who is also known for her DJ work too. She is originally from the U.K but now based in Vancouver and is making a name for herself with her new single Stars. We caught up with her to hear all about the track, what she has coming up next and how her journey through music has inspired her to get to where she is at now.    

You have just released your new single Stars. What was the reaction to this song been like so far?                   

Really amazing. I’m working with a company in the states who are campaigning the record for me, so the song is literally growing right now. It’s gone for three weeks now and it’s already had a lot of streams on SoundCloud. Spotify is listing it soon and I’ve just heard that she’s probably going to be charting so it’s doing really, really well. There’s been lots of really amazing components and factors that are really elevating this record at the moment. The reaction has been amazing. People love it. People have been sharing it. People who have been saying how much they dig the record and I’m excited to see everybody’s reaction on that as well.

You’ve just done a video for Stars. Can you tell us a bit about that?

We definitely wanted to have that type of outer space/galaxy feel for the video. We’ve got stuff that we shot in the studio, which is beautiful with super cool lights, which give it that kind of effect that we’ve landed on a different planet. There is  all kinds of different images, and then you’ve got me in the studio with two dancers and we have like a dance routine as well. It was a combination of really high energy and beautiful dancing. It’s just a very elevating, beautiful video.

Have you got any other music coming out in the future that you can tell us about? 

Yeah, absolutely. I’m actually working on an album right now, so the next song,  I’ll give you a little special preview. I believe the next song is going to be called Taking Me There. It’s kind of like another real spiritual journey throughout this whole album because I just wanted it to be so uplifting for people. It’s just really about being in the presence of God and of love and feeling safe in that place and that’s what that song talks about. No matter where I am, I know that I’m going to be safe in your arms and that type of thing.

It’s really beautiful. It definitely displays a lot of the world and the oceans and plays on all those types of beautiful elements, you know, the natural elements of this world. I like to bring people’s focus to that becauseI think like we can get so caught up in the busy-ness of life, that we forget about how beautiful this world really is. The four elements that actually make up this world. That’s the next one. I have got a few songs written and we’ve already got a couple of videos done as well, that are just in the back burner right now. We are just in the midst of having the content ready and then when it’s ready to be released, it will be. I’m thinking it will probably come out at the beginning of next year.

You perform as both a singer and a DJ. What are the main differences between the two as far as performing goes for you?

With DJing, it’s like a different place. From the moment I started ti DJ, which was back in 2015, I got myself a microphone at the same time, because I was like, if I’m going to DJ, I’m going to be singing at the same time. I kind of learned the hard way, I started with the mic and tried to DJ at the same time and it kind of got me to that place of confidence with it. I can actually go into gigs and I can sing and DJ. That’s why I started doing it, so people know me as that kind of DJ, if I’m just deejaying, I’m just focusing on the music. I wanted to be able to say that I have done every aspect of the industry. I understand the industry because I’ve worked at all the levels. I would definitely say being a DJ is very underestimated because the reality is, you need a DJ to play your records if you want it to be popular. I think that’s what’s beautiful about me learning to DJ, because I was actually a recording artist before, and DJing has kind of taken me to the foundation a bit. I have the understanding now for DJs and I value them so much more. It’s a beautiful way of putting your own music out there. I think DJs are really stars, especially females now. I think they’re really starting to climb the industry because it is a real art form as well, it’s not like you just play a record. I love to do both, and I’ve been on a stage since I was five years old, so for me it’s second nature to be performing and just kind of combining those two together.

Who are your biggest influences, both as a singer and a DJ?

I grew up listening to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. I was an eighties baby. o  love Stevie Wonder, I love the legends, you know what I mean? When it comes to DJing, I love Calvin Harris, he is amazing and not only just a DJ, as a producer too. I like music and artists that put out really uplifting messages because I think we need that now more than ever.

What have been some of the highlights of your career in music so far?

Well,  I did the TV show back in the UK, Pop Stars: The Rivals, that was quite a big one. It was one of the best things that happened to me and straight after that I got signed to Warner Brothers. I got to perform on the same stages as Beyonce and like some really huge acts. Stuff like that was really, really amazing, we’re talking like 50,000 people. Then I came away from that and I started to do my own thing. What’s  been really cool is watching me without a TV show, like she put in all the hard work, so that should be the start to elevate on my own in the industry. It’s been really cool to watch that journey progress and it’s just continuing right now.  I feel like I’m in a really exciting time of my life right now. 

Is there a big difference between the UK music industry and being in Vancouver? 

Yeah, definitely there’s a lot more happening in the UK. It’s got a different feel to it, but it’s still really awesome. We’re still making stuff happen online and I think it’s a great place to develop. I think Vancouver has been so good to me. I think being back in the UK would have been a lot more of a mountain to climb. I’ve certainly appreciated everybody that’s helped me to get to this stage. I think my next stage would probably be the US. 

Thank you Chloé for spending your time with Circuit Sweet. We wish you the best with the new music you’re working on

Words: Gavin Brown

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