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Astroturf Inspector Set To Release New Single “Luxury Boredom” Due September 13th via New Teeth | Single Feature

September 2, 2021

Astroturf Inspector Set To Release New Single “Luxury Boredom”

due September 13th via New Teeth

Astroturf Inspector is the moniker of Edinburgh based one man band Daniel Crichton. The singer received a lot of praise for his debut single User Error, released March 2021, with Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music calling the song “irresistible” and Phoebe I-H and Shereen Cutkelvin of BBC Introducing saying the lyrics of the song knocked them “right in the heart”.

Returning with his second single Luxury Boredom, released on the 13th of September 2021 via Leith based record label New Teeth, Crichton has crafted another indie pop gem described as weaving intricate guitar parts amongst gritty textures and raw lyrics that, similar to his debut single, touch on mental health in an ever growing digital world.

Luxury Boredom” commences and instantly allures the audience into the hypnotic ambiance carefully crafted, the ambiance and lo-fi energy become this ultimate hook for the release. Then the vocal notes emerge and the attention gravitates towards the personal touch on this ethereal creation. Bringing this emotional value into the influence with the intimate and insightful lyrical journey. The melody created simply oozes this distinct charm and the guitar breakdowns that transition the passages emit this compelling addictive quality. This is a jangly, emotional indie hit. Touching lyrically on something we’ve all just experienced, we can relate and find hope within this creation.

The atmospherical arrangement alters throughout meandering through this tender tale to something so essential. At just 2 minutes 43, Astroturf Inspector has created this expressive journey that, when embraced, feels so much longer. A cathartic listen as you explore the raw tonality and the seemingly upbeat harmony which pushes the release onto its desired course. Astroturf Inspector has produced this adventurous ambient ballad with “Luxury Boredom”, a track destined to connect to so many and become one of the most cherished releases of 2021.

The recording technique throughout embraces the essence of re-purposed and assists the lo-fi commitment of this immersive ensemble.  Astroturf Inspector utilizes instruments within their reach to create something that deeply expresses this organic formation which in turn provides something wholly unique. The complexity from each attribute forming layer upon layer of the body of the instrumentation becomes vital to the finished track. As the complex notes sculpt that desirable landscape, it’s Daniel’s visual words and harmonic delivery that laces the release with endless emotional pull.

Recorded solely by the singer in his small bedroom in Leith during lockdown 2020, the music was captured simply on his iPhone using the instruments and household items around him. This raw approach to recording alongside the song’s subject matter reflects the boredom and isolation that many people would have felt during lockdown and mixes it with a joyful rhythm and upbeat melodies that help solidify a more positive outlook acknowledging that life can be full of obstacles that inevitably help you grow as a person.

The single is accompanied by 2 B-Sides; a cover of label mates Maranta‘s latest single Miss Dupé and an acoustic version of Astroturf Inspector’s first single User Error. The cover of Maranta’s Miss Dupé offers this distinguished affection cascading through every note, tone, and passage of this rework. On the original recording, Maranta delivers this expressive formation where their fearless attribute reflects throughout the entire journey. With Astroturf Inspector‘s take, the track channels this volatile aura with tender traits becoming the focus, embracing this pure influence on the release.

Astroturf Inspector – “Luxury Boredom” is due 13th September, be sure to head to New Teeth’s website to hear the new release.

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