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Anna Vincent Shares New Single “Thin Skin”- Taken From Debut Solo Album “Under The Glass” due 29th October on Ultimate Blends

September 13, 2021
Press shot, credit Max Bloom 

Anna Vincent

Shares New Single “Thin Skin” 

Debut Solo Album  “Under The Glass
due 29th October on Ultimate Blends – preorder here

After two decades making music, Anna Vincent is proud to announce her debut solo album, Under The Glassdue 29th October on new label Ultimate Blends, run by Max Bloom of Yuck.

Coming together last year after her touring life with Happyness and Heavy Heart came to a standstill, Anna dug out some previous lyrics and Under The Glass quickly came to fruition, despite no initial plans to write and release an album. Inspired by late 60s and early 70s folk and folk-rock – Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – alongside Wilco, Elliott Smith and Teenage Fanclub, the album is a delicate and intimate collection of songs.

Following lead single “Naxos”, now Anna shares second single “Thin Skin” – “a song about worrying, and about how the outside world can upset the harmony and security of our lives.”

“Thin Skin” offers this insightful, connective lyrical tale throughout the ensemble. Creating this tapestry of visual prompts within their insightful and extremely intimate lyrical work. Whilst the words grab the audience and build this beautiful and raw narrative, the instrumentation bounces from the lyrics and adds this harmonious soundscape filled with plentiful textures and sweeping melodies.

Anna Vincent continues to weave additional layers into the formation of this creation and the end result is a richly complex and layered composition resonating with real emotion. A personal and intimate arrangement capturing this acceptance and realization into the ensemble. Vincent boldly crafts touching pieces with a real emotional influx that can be found hanging on each lyric and each vocal tone throughout this release.

She says of the song, “I wrote this a few months into the pandemic, and it’s about a growing agoraphobia and paranoia I was feeling after spending so much time at home.  I got to the point where I loved my little bubble so much and I resented anything which tried to break into it or bring about change.  It’s also an apology to my boyfriend about the ways my insecurities tend to manifest.

The song came about because we have this cracked skylight in our flat, and one day we heard a weird scratching sound and saw a magpie pecking and clawing at the glass trying to get in.  It was weird and also felt a bit symbolic under the circumstances: the idea of the world coming in at the cracks in the windows.  In that moment I knew I had to put that bird into a song!”


Listen on streaming services: https://linktr.ee/annavincentband



1. Naxos
2. A Window
3. Seeing Double
4. Thin Skin
5. Halfway Through
6. Nothing Wrong
7. Told You So
8. Love You Twice
9. Under The Glass


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