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Alice Low Releases New Single “Cry-Baby” – Out Now via Clwb Music | Single Special

September 29, 2021
Photo credit: Bethan Miller

Alice Low Releases New Single “Cry-Baby”

Out Now via Clwb Music

Multi-instrumentalist and pop powerhouse Alice Low is back with a bang after releasing her debut 13-minute, genre-bending extravaganza Ladydaddy in May 2021. 

While Ladydaddy firmly (and rightly) cemented Alice as one of South Wales’ pop breakthroughs, she is now gearing up to release her highly anticipated follow up single Cry-Baby

A song full of pop melodies and danceable hooks, Alice Low is making a habit of writing uplifting, fun and leftfield music while highlighting important issues. The accompanying video also showcases Alice’s wry humour and visual identity. 

Cry-Baby was the last recording I made before growing breasts. I was afraid, not only of the changes I was about to face, but also of the loss of self and the grief of my manhood. As a man I had subconsciously exuded my privilege my whole life, and it wasn’t until I was about to lose that privilege that I began to acknowledge it. Those fears manifest so clearly in Cry-Baby. The closer I got towards comfort in my womanhood, the further I got from feeling comfortable in the supermarket, or the pub, or walking home at night.” explains Alice.

Back before the release of her debut, Alice failed school and could no longer afford to live in Brighton, so she moved to Cardiff to be close to her partner. One night, while sorting through clothes, and cleaning her room, listening to Pilot, as they did every day back then, she looked her partner in the eyes and told him she was a woman. “Something I had known for so many years, but had been too afraid to acknowledge, let alone pursue, was finally in the air, in front of us both. He looked at me with the recognition that I had been seeking my entire life, and the pain I had been carrying in my back, in my shoulders, my feet, hands, it was released like a bat through the corridors of a school after hours. Amongst our clothes, and our belonging we cried for hours. I could never thank him enough for listening to me, and seeing me, and in that moment asking no questions, just being there.”

Alice’s transition gave her the space to hone her talents as a musician and as a producer. “My work took on a new singularity, something more dynamic, more engaging, and totally mine” she says.

After writing Cry-Baby and beginning further transition treatment, suddenly I was taking a greater sense of value from how I attractive I felt, and how much attention I was getting, and that made me question how I had viewed women in the past, and whether I was just projecting my own misogyny onto myself. As you can imagine, being the recipient of your own male gaze is some Freudian nightmare energy, even if it is at times fun and sexy.

There’s no way you can’t be consumed by the promising and powerful energy of Alice Low. Alice brings this fearless commitment to her work, immediately with “Cry-Baby” you embrace that trait oozing from the performance, the delivery, and the raw lyrics.

The compelling vocal harmonies provide the ultimate hook to this release, offering this volatility through this expressive landscape of dramatic entities. Alice Low provides this immersive ensemble where she builds this mammoth atmosphere that becomes a masterclass in texture, tonality, pace, and control. The instrumentation focuses on these intense passages,  theatrical transitions, experimental attributes, and moving melody, this powerful force reinforces the fierce and complex vocal notes.

In all, this is an enthralling composition with this lasting impression.

Cry-Baby is out now September 29th 2021 released via Clwb Music, recorded and produced by Alice Low.




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