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Western Daughter Return With New Self-Titled Album, Out Now | Album Feature

August 27, 2021

Western Daughter Release New 9 Track Self-Titled Album

Out Now via Earth Libraries

Western Daughter returns and drops their new 9 track self-titled album out of the blue, offering this surprise element to a truly innovative and formidable creation. The time between the 2017 album “Driftwood Songs” to the new album which is out now, this time has been imperative for the outfit, having excelled the maturity of each musician and solidified the flawless songwriting skills of this utterly remarkable band.

Their strength simply oozes from the entire collective vision of the new self-titled album. Western Daughter offers such an expressive and vast record to be enjoyed in its entirety. From the production quality to the depth of the lyrics, this album is a welcome return for Western Daughter, an outfit back to their finest form.

9 tracks of individual moving ensembles, taken all in, this exploration boasts an experience that is a truly cathartic and empowering listen. A striking and immersive journey laced with meaning and lasting influence. As with their previous album that showcased the bands’ ability to tune into the listeners’ emotions and a record that has captured the perfect introspective indie rock, the new release plays on exactly that but with more power and this wealth of affection from every angle.

Album opener “Strange Presence” kicks off the records’ proceedings by shaping this mighty ambience. The distinct tone emerges and assists in building the impressive atmosphere, when the brooding vocal notes join the ensemble this brings in the personal influence into the vision, that intimate attribute shares the focus with the intensity that heightens as all musicians unite to powerfully kick a transition into the fierce mix. Immediately hooked, the audience is ready to take in the rest of the tracks.

Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Frosty Gator” focuses on the slide guitar and that mixed with the building intensity and the bold, raw tonality, just resonates with this meaningful character. This release captures this serious melancholic essence atmospherically enveloping the audience into the centre of this touching track. Elsewhere on the album, “Pictures of Italy” dynamically alters the aura once more by focussing on this charged, almost post-punk tonality that explodes into the midst of the creation and starts to manipulate the consuming melody. The stark sounds define the course of the release and the lyrics bring this honest conviction to the arrangement. Whereas “I Love You, Damie” captures utter anguish within the building passages and the painstaking vocal delivery. Finally, the album ends on “Maybe We Got Fooled Again” a poignant release bringing the record to a close and offering this scorching and cinematic appeal.

The distinct identity of American influence flirts with the music throughout and is proudly eminent within the tone. Western Daughter still keep their fresh contemporary Indie Emo feel but comparisons to early Modest Mouse or the country tones of the distinguished Band of Horses, Western Daughter can fit on that live bill with absolute ease.

9 tracks focused on poignant, sharply honest, and vivid lyrics tied with a bed of rich tones and immersive textures. Impressive beats push each release to the destination whilst the musicians create ample catchy hooks, endearing melodies, and raucous riffs. Both the harmonies and percussion aid this fresh and slightly organic sound which has improved as the band progresses. The distinctive vocal harmonies emanate this plentiful range and consuming warmth, the baritone vocal notes take centre stage throughout and manipulate this vast pool of emotion. When the vocals push the emphasis with dual melodies, these simply complement one another and add this addictive layer to their creations. The instrumentation flutters throughout the album, focusing on these soft passages to their passionate, deeper and heavier elements. Overall, ambitious, melodious and mesmerizing.

The wait for new material, that wait has been so worth it now this album is out there, picking up a chaotic year to leave this established imprint. The album is easily one of the most engrossing records of this year and then some.




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