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Sex Park Set To Release New Single “Obligation” August 20th via Dowd Records Taken From Forthcoming Album | Single Feature

August 13, 2021

Sex Park Set To Release New Single “Obligation”

August 20th via Dowd Records

New Album Due 2022

From your first listen of any Sex Park release, it’s clear that this outfit have the charm and power to captivate you intently. This is an outfit bursting with potential and proving their songwriting skills are nothing short of flawless.

Sex Park are due to release their second single later this month, titled “Obligation”, taken from their forthcoming Sex Park album. The new single will be released and streaming from August 20th and available on limited edition vinyl via Dowd Records.

The single is described as haunting synth strings dance over an uptempo, punchy beat, complemented by fluid, dream pop guitar while Blumenthal paints a vitriolic picture of relationships stunted by modern technology.

To accompany the single release next week, Sex Park will also be releasing a stunning music video from Neu Caligula. Ahead of this, we’ve had the honour of listening to the release in full.

The new single from Sex Park. Obligation” is out August 20th, 2021- watch the new video in full below:

This fierce new single has the most empowering drive to the ensemble. From the soaring synth waves to the brooding vocal and intimate lyrics, Sex Park have laced their vision with this boundless core of emotive values. Emotion simply washes over ever note, soundwave, every harmony and found within the collective tones of this creation. That emotional influence is then embraced by the audience. What the act has produced is nothing short of anthemic.

“Obligation” starts with the kaleidoscopic and immersive synth rhythm fading into the alluring atmosphere. The percussive beats intensify and complement the melodic movement this outfit has created before breaking down to offer this experimental electronic passage, this insight into the transition of this exploration adds this contemporary feel to a very analogue heavy arrangement. The moody vocal tones emerge and provide this bold and immediate impact on the atmosphere. Every element of this release fuse together and shapes the structure and meaning of this creation. The lyrics offer this raw take and bring a personal touch to a synth-laden complex ensemble.

Within the tones of each layer that Sex Park has produced, they complement the 80’s synth/ new-wave, post-punk movement, this sincere progression with the tonality of the synth notes, in turn, adds to this timeless essence to the overall track. That tone captures this melancholic attribute that resonates through the low-end darker hooks that this release offers.

On the final crescendo of the single as you immerse yourself into the reflective/rhetorical lyrics looping “Do you know that your life is a joke?”, the final synth notes play out and fade slowly as you are left with that final verse engulfing you and leaving this raw taste. When the arrangement plays out and silence is re-introduced into your world you appreciate how explosive the single really is, the soundscape so varied and enormous on every level possible.

In all, their forthcoming new single showcases this powerful sonic assault, the musicians unite to create this complex creation which emphasizes the outfits commanding presence.  “Obligation” is a harrowing journey and teases the world that the forthcoming album which includes this single is simply destined for greatness.

Sex Park’s upcoming full-length record (Dowd Records 2022) features the band exploring territory from Acid House to Italo Disco and even sampling opera, all while retaining their irresistible, distinctive synth pop sound.

Sex Park was formed in winter 2015/2016 by Daniel Blumenthal and Paul Burkhart, who were brought together by a mutual love of post-punk, synth pop, and 90’s dance music, as well as more modern forms like trap and grime. Burkhart’s minimal drum programming and melodic synth lines were a great foil for Blumenthal’s deep croon and technical, spasmodic guitar riffs. The band later added Guitarist Colin Buckley who accompanied them on a West Coast tour to support Atrium, his elegant playing adding a dreamy new dimension to the band’s sound. Stops on the tour included Vancouver, BC’s Verboden Festival and Los Angeles’s Part Time Punks, both of which are celebrated post-punk institutions.

 In July 2020, Sex Park released “Rose Absolute” their first single as a trio and the first single from their upcoming 2022 full length LP. Produced and recorded by Jeremy Wilkins (We Are Parasols), the song is a leap forward for the electronics and guitar sound of the band. Beneath the upbeat, tuneful music (that wouldn’t feel out of place on “Violator”), there is a muted sadness to the track that speaks to the emotional and musical growth of the group during quarantine.




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