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Motorists Share New Single/Video “Surrounded” Taken From Debut Album “Surrounded” due September 3rd via We Are Time/Bobo Integral/Debt Offensive

August 25, 2021
Michelle Lemay


Share New Single/Video “Surrounded”

Debut Album “Surrounded” – September 3, 2021
via We Are Time/Bobo Integral/Debt Offensive

The Toronto-based motorik jangle-pop trio, Motorists are sharing the final advance single from their forthcoming debut album, Surrounded – the single, which is titled after the album and premiered at Post-Trash, follows on from previous tips at Brooklyn Vegan, Exclaim, Ears to Feed and more. The new record comes mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control) and is out via We Are TimeBobo Integral and Debt Offensive on September 3, 2021.

Surrounded effortlessly captures Motorists‘ formidable energy and unique character that oozes from every note within the new release. This gritty and angular tone offers this wealth of buoyant beats, from the drum kit to the lifting bass notes. Motorists lace their vision with these almighty, claustrophobic grooves which instantly hook the listener and fuse that groove with the addictive vocal notes.

Motorists have created this fierce ensemble filled with countless hooks and sincerity, virtuous and exhilarating instrumentation leads the way for yet another anthemic creation, taken from what is destined to be one of the most impressive debut albums set to release next month. Motorists have produced this enthralling ensemble that showcases the bands’ ability to create fierce and addictive tracks that leave a lasting impression whilst cultivating this nostalgic essence.

The track arrives with another visual installment created by Craig Fahner and Michelle Lemay, mirroring the aesthetic of earlier singles to draw on the German TV show, Beat Club. The album-titled single provides another fervent display of the band’s penchant for pop melody and nose-diving guitar riffs. Thematically, it captures the band’s collective feeling at the start of the COVID lockdown. The song’s narrator, increasingly fed up with the trappings of their surroundings, hops from place to place in an effort to get away from it all. But where on Earth do you go when you feel like there’s “too much water” and “too much land”? “It’s about the impossibility of being alone with one’s self,” guitarist/singer, Craig Fahner says, “since we ultimately construct ourselves within a phenomenological bubble full of some stuff we have chosen and some stuff we have no control over.” Eventually, the narrator ends up back where they started, but the journey comes with a realization that removing yourself from your frustrations only leaves you less equipped to deal with them when hiding is no longer an option.

Driving is a huge part of rock and roll’s enduring mythology. Images of cruising down the highway with friends and lovers while basking in the freedom of the open road pervade pop music’s lyrical canon. Yet, so often, these idealized images clash with the everyday drudgery of being a motorist: traffic jams, detours, and bad news on the radio. 

This tension is central to Surrounded, an album that is as much about the colourful possibilities of life as it is about the way those possibilities are boxed in by technologies. In a world where everyone’s been in their own bubble, Motorists have pushed theirs together and worked through feelings of isolation as a group to the tune of jangly guitars, infectious power-pop hooks, and a steady motorik beat. Surrounded is an album about modern living and, as Fahner succinctly describes, “isolation in a technologically saturated society, laden with romanticism around radical togetherness.”

Motorists is comprised of Fahner, bassist Matt Learoyd, and drummer Jesse Locke, whose paths intertwined fifteen years ago when they met in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta. They’ve played together in the band for three years, but have been in and out of various projects together since their teenage years. Craig’s previous bands include Feel Alright and Leather Jacuzzi, while Jesse plays with Tough Age, Simply Saucer, and Chandra. They also share an eclectic mix of influences from post-punk to power pop to krautrock. Fans of R.E.M., Teenage Fanclub, and Sloan will recognize Motorists’ economic, vocal-driven pop devotion.

We Are Time/Bobo Integral/Debt Offensive are pleased to release Surrounded worldwide on September 3, 2021. Pre-order here.

1. Surrounded
2. Vainglorious
3. Hidden Hands
4. Latent Space
5. Through To You
6. New Day
7. Go Back
8. Natural Targets
9. Walled Garden
10. Turn It Around
11. Blood From the Stone
12. The Door

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