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M Field Shares New Single “Fiona” Taken From M Field EP out 2nd September on Leafy Outlook

August 1, 2021
photo credit: Jarred Figgins

M Field Shares New Single “Fiona”
Taken from M Field EP, out 2 September on Leafy Outlook

M Field shares a forth single from his upcoming selt-titled EP due out on the 2nd of September through Leafy Outlook. “Fiona” is centred on the foundation of the tessellating sounds and rhythms of a rhumba.
“I had the idea for ‘Fiona’ at a place called Port Shepstone on the east coast of South Africa,” explains Field.
“My band was doing a gig there and I went for a walk on the beach and I sang this melody. The name came with the melody – ‘unbidden’ as they say (do they say that?). I made a note of it and when I got back home I did a rough arrangement of it. That demo hung around for a long time, with very buzzy guitar takes and no verses. Then last year I finished it, added the verses and produced and mixed it with Bullion, over the phone/internet between Cape Town and London. It is obvious, but I will add that the guitars are inspired by Congolese rumba and soukous music, which I deeply love. I don’t know what the song is about, and used to worry about it. At some point I realised that the repeated names might be separated by a comma, creating two Fionas.”
Having taken his magpie approach and ear for a winning melody into a whole new sphere with Congolese pop maverick Tresor, “Fiona” is another modern pop production that makes up his upcoming Bullion (Westerman, Orlando Weeks, Nilüfer Yanya) co-produced EP combining off-kilter rhythms with trademark somersaulting melodies. It follows three singles; “Gargoyle” (March), “Leafy Outlook” (May) and “Andrew” (June) having won the support of FaderNPRi-DClashDIY, The Line of Best Fit, The IndependentThe Times and more.

M Field fuses these sweet harmonies, intricate notes, and the dreamy vocal notes to sculpt this immersive and intoxicating feel-good ambiance from the new release. Once again M Field has released another track from what will be one of the most powerful EP releases due. M Field defines this desirable, summer-infused feel-good vibe created from the rolling rhythms, fluttering tones, and sweeter harmonies. The textures of this creation unite to form this melodic and moving ensemble. The new release is simply a joyous ensemble that showcases the power of expressive and alluring textures and volcanic rhythms, a refreshing and uncompromised arrangement.

Field also arrives in London last month from his home in Cape Town with a Moth Club headline on sale for October the 13th.
As the driving creative force behind Beatenberg, he created South Africa’s biggest ever airplay hit (“Pluto”) and won seven SA music awards for their 2014 debut album. The band subsequently made appearances on Jimmy Fallon and Jools Holland

M Field EP is out on the 2nd of September on Leafy Outlook. “Fiona” is out now.

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