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Ellevator Share New Single/ Video “Easy” Out via Arts & Crafts

August 21, 2021
Stephanie Montani


Share New Single/Video, “Easy”

Debut Album – Early 2022
via Arts & Crafts

The Hamilton, Ontario-based trio, Ellevator are sharing their new single, “Easy” which is out via the beloved Canadian label, Arts & Crafts (Broken Social Scene, Stars) and arrives with a video shot in their hometown, edited/directed by Cam Veitch. Produced by Chris Walla (formerly of Death Cab For Cutie), who has previously helmed production duties for the likes of Foxing and Tegan & Sara, the track comes as a precursor to a debut album from the band set for release in early 2022.

That impulsive beat instigates the intoxicating ambiance and allows this forcible momentum to push the ensemble into the depth of its proceedings, setting up the atmosphere that will soon hook the audience. The standout vocal tones emerge and showcase this powerful range to their tones on offer throughout. Oozing this intimate feel to a release that gains more traction, adding more complex textures to the passages.

Ellevator effortlessly controls these mammoth, intense flourishes throughout and takes you on a wild ride. When the instrumentation all unites and the energy multiplies, the ensemble simply engulfs the listener. The lyrics enhance this personal, intimate essence into this alluring arrangement and allows this connection to forge ahead, adding emotive influence and allowing the compelling charisma from vocalist Nabi to ooze throughout. The new single showcases this unique power that the outfit conveys, to create a single with such meaning and such a hypnotizing effort, Ellevator will leave their lasting impression.

“Easy” presents a wonderful step-up in the band’s take on the cool precision of late-aughts guitar music and melodramatic post-rock, turning to the warm glow of indie haunts such as Spoon and Feist, as well as the stadium limelight of U2, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Sonically, “Easy” demonstrates the trio’s firm understanding of emotive indie-rock, weaving together lean hooks and sweeping crescendos alongside the standout vocals of front-woman Nabi Sue Bersche and her poetic reflections on love, connection, and identity. For a time in Bersche’s youth, she was a member of what could be described as a cult and “Easy” arrives as a rumination on the good and evil things we are raised to believe. 

Speaking about the new single, Nabi says: “I was raised in the world of charismatic Christianity – an offshoot of Pentecostalism. God was magic and prophetic ecstasies happened every Sunday. As a child, I spoke in tongues and prayed until my body swayed with a gentle force like wind knocking me backward. A deep and abiding love of the natural world took hold of me. I witnessed firsthand the wild power of music – how it could uplift, ensnare, console, inspire.”

“When I was 17 I moved to the other side of the world and joined what would most accurately be described as a cult. I prayed for strangers I met in parking lots. I shut my eyes and read the dappled light between my lashes like tea leaves that could divine the future. Vulnerability was a badge in that community so I learned to overshare. Teachings were given in the language of freedom while the stiff hand of purity reduced my body to a shameful temptation. Growing up like that gave me a love of music, a nose for bullshit, and a lot to unravel. This song is about the good and evil things we are raised to believe. I was held captive by an ideology that severely limited my life and my perspective of the world around me. It’s a process I’m still in the middle of, this work of extraction.”

Expanding on the process of recording the new single, producer, Chris Walla says: “The very first time I spoke with Ellevator, I asked them a bunch of leading questions, identity questions, in a bunch of different ways:  who are you, and how do you self-identify? And where we ended up with ‘Easy’ is, in a lot of ways, a fantastic three-minute answer: Ellevator basks in the sun like a cat, and they’ll tear you to shreds in an alley if it comes to that.  They’re impossibly elegant; buoyant and airy, but also a little grimy. Ellevator loves a battle, and when they win (they always win), they march into the end credits the way you and I would if we could – tough as nails, a little bruised, undeniably awesome. But you and I can’t do that. The best we can do is live vicariously through Ellevator, mouths agape as they drop the hammer.”

Following the release of their eponymous debut EP in 2018, Ellevator, who are comprised of vocalist, Nabi, guitarist, Tyler Bersche and bassist/synth, Elliott Gwynne, cut their teeth on the road, sharing stages with the likes of Amber Run, Banners, Our Lady Peace, Arkells, Bishop Briggs, Cold War Kids, and Dear Rouge. We’ll have more new music and details of a larger body of work shortly.

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