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Cowgirl Set To Release Debut Self-Titled Album September 3rd via Safe Suburban Home | Album Feature

August 30, 2021
Album Cover- Painting By Jade Blood

Cowgirl Set To Release Debut Self-Titled Album September 3rd via Safe Suburban Home

Having released over a dozen individual tracks within the last couple of years; Cowgirl are excited to finally release their debut, self-titled album. The album will be released digitally by Safe Suburban Home on 3rd September with a physical release to follow on 12” vinyl. With only a few days until the release, we are so excited for the world to experience the album in full.

Album opener “Better With You” starts with this belting beat and consuming cymbal crashes, quickly joined by the scratchy and raw guitar tone embracing the rhythmic riff that accompanies that persistent drumbeat. The vocal tones emerge to bring this harmonic layer into the creation. The lyrics, amongst the abrasive tonality of the track, deliver this intimate passage, raw, honest, and heart-warming. A track that is so easy to become obsessed with. Personal yet simple to connect with, amongst the bold chugs we find the alluring lyrics commendable. A quick-fired ensemble to showcase the talent of Cowgirl as they start the record as they mean to go on, offering up this impressive song formation with addictive qualities. The opener was also the first single that Cowgirl shared from their mighty record, and was described as brimming optimism. Described as sitting somewhere between the angular brilliance of The Nerves & the laconic swagger of mid-era Wilco it is a perfect introduction to the dynamism of the band.

From the first track and soon apparent throughout the rest of the record, Cowgirl crafts these immersive and snappy releases that are filled with endless hooks, the listener will be mesmerized within the first introduction to the atmosphere that the outfit builds, this album not only keeps the listener’s attention throughout but assists with altering the mood within every release.

Something I Needed To Do” follows, crashing percussion and intricate melodies emerge and wrap themselves snugly around the bright guitar riffs proudly on display. Cowgirl clearly has such fun with this arrangement, apparent throughout the flirty upbeat transitions which bridge the passages together. The italicized guitars and brooding bass-end reinforce the crucial appeal of this arrangement whilst the warmth of the harmonies allure the audience’s affection. The production of this release offers the combination of delicate balance, enhancing the intensity of the angular guitar notes and crashing drum beats whilst delicately capturing the sweeter harmonies from the vocal tones and allowing the contrast of sweet and hard-hitting to weave together.

“Time Moves Along” welcomes this mighty introduction to this empowering wall of fuzz engulfing the audience and taking them without caution into the center of this arrangement. Cowgirl up the anti when it comes to the power of the instrumentation on this release. It’s a fuzzed-out merging of propulsive indie rock with edges of brit-pop rearing its head throughout the sonic adventuresome cut this band has built. The release hurtles towards the fierce crescendo of the track, the lo-fi vocals take a bow to allow the experimental noises to burst with such power into the final few bars, creating this complexity within the intense finale. The release is quick to the point, slightly abrupt but immense nonetheless.

 “Is What It Is” channels this immediate infliction of ardent rock, the raucous tone is imperative within this creation. Lyrically, this is the song of our time right now, the words quickly embed within the audience and within the first chorus, we can be repeating the arrangement and chanting back. The release has this vital grit to it. Once again Cowgirl brings this rapture-like energy into the explosive end bars which add this unpredictable nature to their song-writing skills. Just as the audience feels the release is wrapping up, the band courageously captures more chaos.

As we head towards the final few tracks of the self-titled release, we move to “Figure It Out” which was the second track that the band shared ahead of the official release. These bright almighty guitar sweeps initiate the bold and immersive instrumentation for “Figure It Out” and the audacious and consuming percussive shuffles and dedicated drum rolls, unite to provide this crucial hook to the release. The addictive lyrics lifted by the upbeat tones and licks add this honest attachment to the raucous release, utterly addictive. Cowgirl consistently curates these all-consuming compositions. The melody of this arrangement flirts with this nostalgic indie brit-pop essence and the upbeat motions pave the way for the audience to elevate with the higher lasting notes, grasping at this feel-good cathartic expression that Cowgirl has flawlessly developed. With the melancholic moments from the genre mentioned above, Cowgirl drives their vision with this unpredictable edge, producing something with this ferocious impression with a contemporary essence.

The penultimate track “Without You” begins and once more, this vast soundscape starts to build around the audience, Cowgirl starts to feed into the layers they contribute to the ensemble. The mood alters, quickly shifting from what was on offer within the previous track and Cowgirl adds this pensive attitude into the mix. Reflective lyrics and a darker ambiance all assist with the emotions present throughout. The track goes back to Cowgirl’s roots by offering this lo-fi, grungey appeal. Capturing this expressive environment filled with plentiful, coarse textures which emanate the melancholic affection driving the exploration. Raw adrenaline-fuelled emotion oozes from every note of this release and once again Cowgirl allows the album to cover such ground, identifying the outfit within this serious appeal.

Following this track we understand the importance of Cowgirl‘s ability to create such a temperamental setting within their vision, manipulating the energy each musician obtains and carefully increasing the intensity at these uncertain peaks. Cowgirl builds these quick and consuming creations with volatility at the core. Whilst holding onto that attribute, throughout the record Cowgirl seemingly capture, with such ease, this unique spirit and at times a real feeling of freedom. As each creation offers this diverse landscape and re-defined intensive traits, the exploration is both accessible and mesmerizing.

Finally, the album ends with “I Can’t Help It“, again another distinctive influx of genres that help shape the tonality of the ensemble on offer. Here, they dig into an emotional melancholic release- the powerful instrumentation and the alluring lyrics simply dazzle. At just over 2 minutes, Cowgirl creates this anthemic ensemble with the ultimate lasting impression. This consuming aura pulls you in and really, you’re not ready to leave the world they’ve merged you into. A powerful arrangement emitting such emotional depths.

The self-titled album allows the audience to understand the importance of this band. Their progression throughout the last few years and their flawless skills to create such worthy ensembles. The album is this masterpiece where Cowgirl showcases this remarkable range of variety within their imperative vision. Each release delivers this vast soundscape that differs from the previous ensemble, Cowgirl has this undeniable knack at crossing through various genres and influences whilst still harnessing something so unique they can call their own. Their songwriting skills continue to hypnotize, it’s clear this outfit when united has such an impressive workmanship ethic and together they create the most compelling and expressive compositions with a fierce rock influence, infectiously leaving this remarkable impression.





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