Colleen Releases Short “The Tunnel and the Clearing” Documentary via Moog Music – New Album Out Now

August 6, 2021
Colleen by Luis Torroja

Colleen has shared the documentary short for new album The Tunnel and the Clearing, co-directed by Luis Torroja

Watch the documentary now via Moog Music:

The Tunnel and the Clearing is out now

Following the spring release of her new album The Tunnel and the ClearingColleen aka multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Cécile Schott has released a short documentary on the album, co-directed by Luis Torroja. The documentary breaks down Schott’s approach to writing, recording and instrumentation on the album, as well as a close look at live performances of two songs: “Implosion-Explosion” and “The Crossing”. Alongside the documentary, Moog has shared patch diagrams and additional video breakdowns for these two tracks.

Colleen’s albums are unified by their employment of distinct and personal instrumentation to tell their story. From albums built around music boxes or viola da gamba to albums built around electronics, her music remarkably shares a dreamlike modern quality. From the early stages of working on The Tunnel and the Clearing Schott restricted herself to using analog electronic instruments like the Elka Drummer One, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo and Moog Grandmother synth, coupled with Yamaha organ keyboard and select Moog effects. This limited instrument selection was inspired by years of listening to Jamaican and African recordings where musicians were pushed to maximize their creativity with minimal tools. A magnitude of atmospheres are summoned from deceptively simple combinations. Stunningly, Colleen achieves the rich emotional intricacy and the lush density of textures on The Tunnel and the Clearing through almost entirely live performance and processing.

A truly innovative artist with this passion to build complex creations with this alluring intensity and intimate expression.

Order Colleen’s The Tunnel and the Clearing:

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