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The Body and BIG|BRAVE Share Haunting New Single “Polly Gosford”

July 28, 2021
The Body and BIG|BRAVE by the artists

The Body and BIG|BRAVE share their haunting new single “Polly Gosford”

The Body and BIG|BRAVE’s debut collaborative album Leaving None But Small Birds out this Autumn

Following the recent announcement of their debut collaborative album Leaving None But Small Birds, heavy music innovators The Body and BIG|BRAVE have shared the album’s second single “Polly Gosford“. An amalgamation of traditional songs from Appalachia, Canada and the British Isles, “Polly Gosford” filters the sheer weight of both ensembles’ singular output through stark frameworks of earthy folk. Lyrics compiled from the originals by vocalist Robin Wattie are here reworked and precisely arranged to center the experiences of marginalized characters and victims of hardship, spinning the traditional songs’ tragic tale of femicide into one of ghostly revenge.

Leaving None But Small Birds takes its name from the “Polly Gosford” lyric “He covered her grave / and hastened home / Leaving none but small birds / her fate to bemoan,” an image in traditional songs evoking the alienation and isolation of the persecuted. The Body and BIG|BRAVE, following a folk tradition, make each song their own through shifts in perspective and a synthesis of passages from kindred tales, the despair and empowerment of these traditional tunes drawing remarkable parallels with each group’s focus on championing people often cast aside in history.

This collaboration will leave this long-lasting impression, two outfits uniting to create truly unruly orchestrations. Their new single “Polly Gosford” is a harrowing exploration, dramatic from the first note, and utterly captivating. An expressive piece with this theatrical, striking embodiment, just shy of 4 minutes the new single will move you, pull you in, and keep you submerged amongst the action until silence breaks the intensity. This immersive and gritty soundscape becomes this crushing brooding world where the ethereal vocal notes cascade against the fierce tones and raucous textures. A visionary piece that sets the bar extremely high for the album which is to follow.

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