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Sylvie Announce Self-Titled Debut EP Due October 1st via Terrible Records  & Share Title Track

July 26, 2021
Kathryn Vetter Miller

Sylvie Announce Self-Titled Debut EP

Share “Sylvie” & Talk To Aquarium Drunkard About The Project

EP Out Via Terrible Records on October 1st

Sylvie are sharing news of their self-titled debut EP, along with the title track via a feature on Aquarium Drunkard. The latest project from Ben Schwab (Golden Daze, Drugdealer), the EP is inspired by Schwab’s father’s old cassette tapes, lost jewels from a recent past, and the tracing of a musical lineage. The release is out via Terrible Records on October 1st and you can listen to the title track below.

The sweeping guitar strings against the formidable beat instantly form the ambiance, when the melody consumes the exploration with the dreamy vocal notes the energy is intoxicating. Sweet chimes, dual vocal harmonies, and this alluring atmospherical creation simply engulf the audience. The self-titled release oozes this resonating affection and can be compared to a 70’s classic, there really is something special and harrowing with this contemplative journey that Sylvie has crafted. Intricate layers, a country-infused intimate arrangement with a personal lyrical touch. The entire ensemble emits this elevated vibe despite the darker tone, once finished the journey possesses this cathartical outcome. This really is an emotive ensemble that will move so many.

Schwab explains, “This is the cover song from the EP and one of the main sources of inspiration for the project. When I heard “Sylvie” (originally written by Iain Matthews), I was so taken back by the emotionality and softness; there was also something mystical and ethereal about it. It had the perfect open sound to me- the type of song I would hear and get just enough information from while still being able to project my own emotions and interpretation onto it. I think the fact that it was also so unknown made it that much more appealing.

Me and Mike Collins (Drugdealer) started to call these types of songs that slipped through the cracks from that era “Sylvieʼs”, and that sort of started this whole idea for me. There is a musical lineage that I wanted to tap into and carry on so I named the project “Sylvie” after this song. I played most of the instrumentation on this one, with the help of a few friends and it was sung by my really good friend/collaborator Sam Burton, who is one of the singers in Sylvie.”

In 1975, John Schwab and his band Mad Anthony sat in a barn in Southern California and recorded their songs. It was a narrative that w/s common during this period – the band was close to a record deal but it never came, and the tapes were stored in a box in a closet. Decades later, in a small town in Ohio, his son Ben Schwab came across them. The recordings would imprint a sound and feeling that he would end up chasing. They were timeless, effortless, and soulful. A harmonic birthright. 

Ben had a long career as a professional inline skater that sent waves through the subculture, before watching the industry fade away. Following a period at CalArts, he formed his first band, Golden Daze, and later joined the group Drugdealer. Sylvie is the full return to the musical lineage and spirit that lived in all those lost yet beloved cassettes and reels. True to Mad Anthonyʼs form, Ben and his friends also sat around in a garage in LA to make these recordings. Of course his fatherʼs voice is featured prominently, he sings one of the songs. Not much has changed.

1. Falls on me
2. Sylvie
3. Rosaline
4. Shooting Star
5. 50/50

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