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Mt. Misery Share Video for “The Thought of Losing You”- Debut Album “Once Home, No Longer” out now via Prefect Records

July 7, 2021
Photo credit: Jodie Canwell

MT. MISERY Share video for ‘The Thought of Losing You’

Debut album ‘Once Home, No Longer’, out now via Prefect Records

Hartlepool indie-pop trio Mt. Misery have a shared the fluttering video for ‘The Thought of Losing You’, taken from their debut album ‘Once Home, No Longer’, out now via Prefect Records.

“I’d been tinkering with the intro to “The Thought of Losing You” since before we formed the band”, says guitarist and vocalist Andrew Smith, “It was just something Lewis and Ste had occasionally heard me play when I was at a piano, and we eventually demoed that intro section with the intention of turning it into a full song.”

He continues, “We wanted the song to sound like something from Neil Young’s Live at Massey Hall record, in the vein of songs like “Love In Mind” and “Bad Fog of Loneliness” that are short and sweet with really simple structures and not a lot of repetition.”

“The photographs in the video, like the ones on the cover of our album, were taken on the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast.”

The animated video was directed by Marcus Diamond who says, “The loose idea really was to invoke a sense of falling or floating as the track really does this. When you’re into something that much and it seems really vulnerable or could simply be lost really quickly. Also it’s very melancholic and evokes memories so it was partly based around how memories in your head aren’t stable and overlap – when looking at an old photograph for example.”

The standout and striking piano notes emerge and that tender tone commences the atmospherical creation, the resonating keys shake the core foundations of the ambience and immediately mould the emotional journey that this release takes the audience on. That journey soon becomes somewhat cathartic, as the other members of the outfit unite to direct the ensemble’s proceedings, they bring with them this obscene amount of emotional wealth and sublime melody. The gentle drum shuffle accompanies the intimate vocal notes and the power simply surges. The vocal tone expresses such fragility whilst providing a clear immersive narrative whilst the instrumentation adds this haunting air to the ensemble.

As the arrangement meanders through this wild course, the feature that remains the same is the emphasis on the emotional value. With the audience fixated on the delicate track, Mt.Misery ends the release and the re-introduction to silence becomes more painful, we need to hit repeat and experience the cathartic experience once more.

Live Dates:
7th August – Heelapalooza Festival, Middlesbrough
29th August – Hartlepool Waterfront Festival
24th September – Independent, Sunderland
25th September – Long Division Festival, Wakefield
9th October – Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough


1. The Dreaming Days Are Over
2. Tell Me (What’s on Your Mind)
3. In the Blink of an Eye
4. Taken by the Tide
5. Lonely Pines
6. Once Home, No Longer
7. I Was Wrong
8. Pick up the Phone
9. Satellite
10. The Thought of Losing You



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