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Louie Short Shares New Track “What Can I Do” New Album ” OMW 4ev” due Later This Year via 444%

July 15, 2021

Louie Short Shares New Track “What Can I Do”
New Album: OMW 4ev  due later this year
via 444%

The Toronto/LA-based artist, Louie Short is sharing his new single, “What Can I Do” which arrives as a precursor to a full album titled OMW 4ev that is set for release later this year via 444%. Louie has always maintained the quote “the genre is songs” as a mantra for his music and “What Can I Do” and the forthcoming album follow this sentiment, arriving as the second installment of Short’s sound trailing his 2019 debut, Cherry, Cherry.

This vibrant ensemble has been produced with such clarity that we appreciate every tone, each word, and each gentle chime, such a bright yet emotive ensemble. Intimate lyrics push the release into this emotionally volatile environment whilst the complex instrumentation engages the intense words and softer vocal melodies at times with this decadent cadence. This consuming warmth emits from the tones and additional layers contributing to the aura, a real organic vibrance is captured.

What Can I Do” has an interesting journey of its own. The song was written by Louie’s father Michael Short and an artist named BJ Cook in late 70s Toronto. It was recorded with the intent of selling it – possibly through BJ’s ex-husband David Foster (Ringo Starr, Mary J Blige) – but nothing came and the tape disappeared. 40 years later, in the process of clearing out the old studio, an engineer who had always liked the recording digitized and emailed it to the writers. His dad played it for him and Louie cut the record shortly thereafter. In Louie’s words, he says “a good song never dies!”

Expanding further, Short says: “People are drawn to beginnings and endings, whether it be falling in love and breaking up, or emerging artists and artists passing away. Things in the middle of their life tend to be neglected. I think that this forgotten middle space is exciting and uncharted. It holds a certain poignancy because it doesn’t have the manipulative magnetism of creation and destruction, birth and death, to grab your attention. It just has itself existing.”

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