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Girlpuppy Shares Video for ‘Miniature Furniture’ – Debut EP ‘Swan’ due August 20th via Royal Mountain Records

July 25, 2021
Photo credit: Brandon McClain


Shares video for ‘Miniature Furniture’

Debut EP Swan due August 20th
via Royal Mountain Records

Atlanta-based musician girlpuppy has shared the video for ‘Miniature Furniture’, the second single taken from her debut EP Swan due 20th August via Royal Mountain Records.

Following on from June’s dreamy opening single ‘As Much As I Can’, Becca Harvey’s latest snippet is a dusty and wistful road track for the forlorn, which she says touches on “a culmination of experiences from a summer where I was traveling back and forth to Chicago and Pasadena all whilst coping with a difficult break up”.

She continues, “I was having a really tough time dealing with the breakup, but instead of addressing the feelings I was experiencing, I distracted myself with travel and spent time with friends. I always find myself trying to hide from confronting my emotions head on by doing things to keep myself from thinking about how sad I am. This upbeat song really embodies the fleeting feelings of happiness while also being so depressed.
I associate great memories with this song because I wrote it with two of my friends Grace Repasky and Maggie Geeslin (of Lunar Vacation) and it was such a fun experience. The miniature furniture title is a reference to an exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago that I visited during that summer.”

Girlpuppy continues to capture this impressive range of emotions and resolutions throughout her ensembles. With their latest single, Girlpuppy oozes this distinct charm within their vocal melodies and the harrowing journey of “Minature Furniture”. Through the intricate lyrics and the emphasis on the affection, the track builds this impressive visionary aspect, we picture every detail the words enhance, which in turn unites the artist with the audience to understand the importance of where this release was formed. Girlpuppy offers this impressive tone within their vocal melodies and it instantly hooks the audience. A delicate ensemble with this complex range of textures. Once again its dreamy vocal tones and intimate lyrics of which provide this boost of emotional attributes which feed into the creation. That emotional upheaval cascades upon the journey and provides this addictive influence that the audience can relate to.

Girlpuppy puts her absolute all into the recording and that sublime energy is captured and exudes from the ensemble to all those listeners. This track allows this moving journey to be embraced by all.


1. Miniature Furniture
2. Cheerleader
3. Hide Out
4. As Much As I Can
5. Surprise Me

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