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Discover New Haven Tapes – Label Feature + New Release Info

July 19, 2021

Introducing New Haven Tapes

New Record Label Founded by Welsh Electronic Musician Shreddies

+ First Release Announced

We are delighted to introduce you to the new and extremely promising label New Haven Tapes. We are always in awe when musicians found their own label, ready to help other musicians and bring their wealth of expertise and understanding to the community. New Haven Tapes is the new label founded by Welsh electronic musician and artist Shreddies, a name familiar to the site, the artist released their phenomenal new single “Fido” back in January of this year via Rose Parade Record Co, read more here.

Discussing the label and the ambitions of this platform, Shreddies states:

“New Haven has been something on my mind for some time. Originally just as a platform for releasing my own music without having to worry about convincing someone else to invest in my work. But, I later realised there wasn’t really a dedicated platform for the type of music that interests me in my local scene. I have several friends that make various flavours of electronic and experimental music that I think is really interesting; I wanted to give some legitimacy to that, and build a community around that music.”

With cassette tapes continuing to be a must format for so many and one which resonates with the true DIY ethics and aesthetics, New Haven Tapes is ready to explore the tape world in more depth. With that in mind, Shreddies has already been hard at work cultivating the creations ready to release via the label. The label will be dedicated to building a unique brand of what they describe as a sonic atmosphere.

“Sucker” Artwork

Next month, 11th August the label will celebrate the release of their first official release “SUCKER”, a split album from Shreddies and brand new techno/footwork artist D-R0M, details of further releases will be unveiled in due course.

SUCKER is a lot of fun. D-R0M’s music sounds to me like a misbehaving animal, bouncing round the room and knocking things over. In response, I think my side of the record ended up being more high energy than the music I usually make.“

The forthcoming split record will feature 3 tracks from D-R0M and 3 tracks from Shreddies.

D-R0M unleashes this aggressive persona immediately from their creations. Their track “kuw Gna Play Me” which will feature on the split, instantly opens up this gritty and slightly obnoxious ambiance filled with brash electronic elements and plentiful percussive attributes. This vicious beat propels the intensity to this ambitious ensemble. D-R0M utilizes this refreshing vision and committed energy to craft these immersive and gallant formations, focused on these intricate layers placed directly upon one another and allowing alluring tones and piercing soundbites to collide amongst one another and offer this complex soundscape.

Elsewhere on the split record, D-R0M shows this impressive range to their work with their elevated “Bleachful”. This track offers a more melodic arrangement that still focuses on the experimental extremities. “Bleachful” offers this copacetic bountiful rhythm that loops and adds this upbeat essential swing to the ensemble. Whilst the ardent tones and jarring crashes still add this complex texture to the release, the repetitive rhythm adds this elevated step to the proceeding and showcases this diverse transition from the first track on offer.

D-R0M and Shreddies unite on this record to showcase this perfect collaboration. When the record focuses on the work from Shreddies we appreciate the sonically soaring atmosphere crafted by the artist. With “FuegoShreddies charms with this instant melodic tone and addictive appeal. Working in those insatiable big house chimes that we came to love with “Fido”, this track once again showcases this unlimited range from the artist. Unafraid to form these crucial soundscapes with expressive details. A visionary piece that constructs this alluring atmosphere which is crafted and maintained throughout and provides a complex yet provoking gravitational pull.

Whereas with “Texacco”, Shreddies manipulates the aura once more offering this vast expressive arrangement that flirts with this dance hook and trance-like essence. Shreddies allows the audience to choose what path they want to follow through the cacophony of noise, allowing the audience to either embrace the full soundscape or attach to one of many melodic passages.

The forthcoming record offers this remarkable journey of visionary creations focused on this refreshing palette of complex sounds and innovative experimental passages, the result is one of the most exhilarating electronic releases yet. The album is meticulously detailed from two creative forces.

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Be sure to follow the label on their social media to keep up to date with more news:

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