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Zuzu Returns With New Single “Timing”

June 15, 2021
Photo credit: Robin Clewley

Zuzu Returns With New Single “Timing”

Zuzu has shared her new single “Timing”. Liverpool’s acclaimed singer-songwriter – and noted sci-fi obsessive, gamer, and comic book enthusiast – is sharing her first new music since blazing a trail with 2020’s major label EP release How It Feels. With that EP being released just as the UK entered its first lockdown, Zuzu might have good reason to consider her luck with timing. However, the stars in Zuzu’s own universe look to be aligning once more, after what many might see as having been a productive 12 months. As she emerges from her home studio in Liverpool, she has been writing music for Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time: Distant Lands”, contributed a re-working of her song “How It Feels” to The Sims video game (sung in the The Sims’ own language, “Simlish”), and just last month became the first artist in the northern hemisphere to play a non-socially-distanced live show, as she performed in front of 5000 fans in support of Blossoms.

Through her sincerity, intimacy and rawness, Zuzu continues to catalogue what she describes as a “deep emotional unrest”, striving to arrange, sort and file how she feels through her music – defragging a cluttered and chaotic headspace, to figure out what it means to navigate life as a twenty-something. Her talents always shine brightest when she matches intense emotional outpouring with choruses that launch to euphoria via dejection and back again. In “Timing”, under a wall of fuzzed-up guitars and twinkling synths, Zuzu plunges emotional depths and considers the creeping sense of “what if…?” as lives take opposing paths and differing destinies play out. Talking about the song she comments:

“This song is about what could have been – meeting someone you have an instant connection with but the timing was never right. It’s about those lonely late nights / early mornings when the sun is rising and that person creeps into your mind. You wonder where they are, if they’re thinking of you too. I wanted to capture the nostalgic but also melancholy feeling brought on by those sad longing thoughts for somebody you loved.”

Zuzu fills their world with their fearless energy and bold vocal tones. “Timing” emerges and the audience discovers this remarkable radiance from this artist. Unafraid to dominate their expressive atmosphere with her raucous rhythms, intense passages, and compelling lyrics. Zuzu’s new release showcases another example of their limitless potential as “Timing” offers a punishing ambiance elevated by infectious harmonies and Zuzu’s impeccable and intimate vocal performance.


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