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Wye Oak Share New Single “Its Way With Me” – Out Now via Merge

June 22, 2021
Photo credit: Jade Wilson


Share new single & video “Its Way With Me”
Out now on Merge

WYE OAK have shared a new single and music video.

On “Its Way With Me” Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack knowingly revel in the unknown, with Wasner gazing “to the warmth of a future I cannot see” as Stack’s polyrhythms propel the song to powerful heights.

Wasner comments: This song is about surrender—about learning to feel at peace amidst the chaos of existence through letting go of all that is beyond our control. It’s about the fact that change and loss are inseparable from one another, and about trying to have faith in a more peaceful and equitable future, even when the specific details of what that might look like are beyond our imagining.”

The song’s equally gorgeous video, a single uninterrupted shot by Spence Kelly (who created the video for last month’s “TNT”), is a must-watch featuring Wasner and a bunch of helpful hands.

Wye Oak continues to craft the most expressive ensembles, rich vocal harmonies, and intricately layered instrumentation. The delicate shuffles of “Its Way With Me” push the directive appeal of this release as the emotion just exudes from Wasner’s compelling vocal range. A prominent warmth can be embraced throughout this release, Wye Oak have perfected their ability to create these moving pieces with such deep textures and a real comfort to their sound. Effortlessly we fixate on the harmony which elevates the audience and temporarily takes the listeners to a world that Wye Oak has established.

On Thursday, July 1, at 8pm ET, Wye Oak will play their first ever online concert. Captured at Durham’s North Star Church of the Arts, the virtual session features Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack in classic Wye Oak duo formation, performing material across their impeccable discography. Tickets available here.
Embracing experimentation in how they approach their musical storytelling, Wye Oak continue to eschew the confines of an album cycle. The end of 2019 and early 2020 saw the release of “Fortune” (which Stereogum described as “a glorious synthesis of Wye Oak’s past and present, pointing to a new way forward”), “Fear of Heights,” and “Walk Soft,” a continual flow of the amorphous creative energy the two harness, and a testament to Stack and Wasner’s ability to craft fully realised self-contained universes. In July 2020, Wye Oak released the Brooklyn Youth Chorus–assisted No Horizon EP, leading The Paris Review to exclaim, “How wonderful it is to hear these artists at the peak of their powers, now a long-lived band but more ambitious than ever. I can’t wait for what’s next.”


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