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WOOZE Return With New Single “Witch Slap (IOU)” + Announce New EP “Get Me To A Nunnery” Out Autumn 2021 via Young Poet

June 4, 2021

WOOZE Return With New Single “Witch Slap (IOU)” + Announce New EP “Get Me To A Nunnery” Out Autumn 2021 via Young Poet

Inimitable London-duo WOOZE return with their frenetic new single “Witch Slap (IOU)”. The new release marks the band’s first material since their critically acclaimed debut EP “what’s on your mind?” and comes ahead of their much-anticipated follow-up “Get Me To A Nunnery”, which will be released via London tastemaker-label Young Poet in Autumn 2021

Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, “Witch Slap (IOU)” is an explosive and hyperactive first taste of the band’s new material. Combining angular 80s glam-inflected instrumentation with elements of highly infectious, riff-driven galactic psych, the single deconstructs and reassembles itself at a frenetic pace as the duo weave intoxicating, and sometimes biting, wonky pop vocal lines throughout.

Speaking about the single, the band say:

“This is probably the fastest song we have written so far, done in about 20 minutes after we had finished demoing another song in the early morning. Lyrically it is a sadomasochistic take on a classic love song stemming from the simple pun on bitch slap.”

Alongside the new single, WOOZE have also shared a new live video of the single filmed at Seoul Cabaret with the duo’s long-term collaborator Nuri Jeong, who has also worked with the likes of Kpop singer Crush and rapper ZICO.

WOOZE hit you with this immediate thud, their dynamic energy is an attribute they possess which alone will captivate you but the fact that the outfit instantly submerge you into this colossal, somewhat sheer chaotic soundscape that undeniably pulls the audience into the centre of their immersive and frantic melodic creations.

WOOZE are without a doubt one of the most impressive and forcible acts that have emerged over the last few years, they’ve got this undeniable chemistry and with each material they unleash, they consistently prove they’ve mastered the erratic yet insatiable masterpiece. Brooding baritone vocals clash against the higher vocal melodies. The vocal notes unite and once combined the harmonies seemingly soar across the ferocious instrumentation that powerfully dominates the expressive atmosphere. Amongst the mighty guitar riffs, piercing tone, abrasive yet perfectly controlled drum crashes and the gripping bass low end, WOOZE somehow captures their own mystique.

Honestly, we are here for WOOZE to master world domination- this is the band you need to cherish.

The video perfectly encapsulates the band’s epiphanic live energy, which saw them build an ever-increasing cult following before the first lockdown. It also serves as a teaser of what is to come with the band eagerly planning new live dates for 2021/2022. The band are currently confirmed to perform at:

18th June – Big Foot Festival
25th June – Headrow House
26th June – Moth Club
7th-11th July – Pohoda On The Ground

More info / tickets available 

ritish/Korean duo WOOZE (named after a rough phonetic translation of ‘space’ in Korean – 우주) were formed in 2017 by Jamie She and Theo Spark. Having respectively cut their teeth under various musical guises across the London live circuit, the duo initially met through Brixton’s Muddy Yard (an artist-led collective based in a disused builder’s yard). Having moved to London to attend art school, Jamie and Theo met at the epicentre of the art scene surrounding the collective, utilising the space to hold art exhibitions, perform live, and work on various creative projects together – something that continues to be omnipresent in everything the band does. The pair initially bonded by covering each other’s solo material and writing together before deciding to form WOOZE as their first truly collaborative project, spending time to hone their craft before releasing a series of well-received singles and videos.

Their 2019 debut EP ‘what’s on your mind?’, firmly established WOOZE as one of the most original and exciting new acts in the UK, identifiable by their unique visuals as much as their genre-blending and enigmatic brand of avant-garde pop. The band received plaudits from Spotify, CLASH, NME, Mixmag, Dork and DIY and were championed by BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, KEXP, Triple J and 6 Music’s Guy Garvey. They featured in their very own video game, supported Metronomy on tour, sold out a series of shows in South Korea and were named part of ‘The NME 100’ for 2020, all within a dizzying 12 months from their first release.

Following a COVID enforced hiatus, the duo returned to the studio with producer Tom Furse (The Horrors) to record their eagerly anticipated follow up. The resulting EP, “Get Me To A Nunnery,” sees them delve into their heaviest and most dynamically complex work to-date. Thematically, the EP sees the duo continue to tackle deeply personal subjects which have been prevalent throughout their work so far such as inadequacy, self-doubt, relationships, estrangement, and identity crises. 

Combining Bowie-esque eccentricity with psychotropic instrumentation, the new material is at once anthemic and absurdist. Tracks such as “Mighty Cloud” see the band combine warped funk-meets-new wave guitar lines with 80’s pop inspired vocals and groove-driven cosmic psych, whereas the EP’s riff-heavy title track sees the band draw on 80s metal through their abstruse neon yellow filter, melding distorted guitar lines, with uplifting choral harmonies and ominous synth. The band cite an encyclopaedic range of influences from traditional Korean music to Primus, Japanese funk, ABBA, Led Zeppelin and further afield, all of which feed into their borderless alt-pop compositions without ever losing the distinctive and undefinable sound that has been uniquely theirs since the band’s inception.

Following a meteoric rise over the last year, WOOZE continue to go from strength-to-strength, with an incredibly dedicated and continually expanding international fanbase growing alongside them. Whilst “what’s on your mind?” saw the duo introduce their highly addictive, surreal and sonically gratifying blend of heavy pop to the world, “Get Me To A Nunnery” finds them at the most expansive yet, doubling down and concentrating every element of their intense and eclectic palette. For the long-term fans, this EP will exemplify the duo’s unslakable creative thirst and need to evolve, and for those who are hearing them for the first time, there could be no better introduction.

“Get Me To A Nunnery” is out Autumn 2021

Get Me To A Nunnery EP
Autumn 2021
Young Poet Records


1. Witch Slap (IOU)
2. Mighty Cloud
3. Tu Es Moi
4. Family Picture
5. Get Me To A Nunnery



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