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Wallice Releases Debut EP “Off The Rails” – Out Now

June 5, 2021




LA-based artist Wallice shares her debut EP Off the Rails – out now. The EP arrives after an array of impressive singles which have earned her wide critical acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6Music, Pigeons & Planes, NPR, The FADER, Sunday Times Culture, triple j and Vogue, where she featured in an editorial shoot alongside Ant Clemons, Empress Of, Kaytranada, Sir Chloe, and more. She was recently announced as part of Spotify’s inaugural Fresh Finds independent artists program, more information here.

The EP release sees the release of two new tracks, including new focus single ‘Dramamine,’ as well as closing track ‘Headache’. 

The EP’s title track initiates the record and allows Wallice to impress with their fearless attitude and ability to capture words that show what it is, triumphantly letting loose and deliberately not holding anything back. These high-pitched notes cascade over the gentle rhythms of the instrumentation. Allowing this building formation of the structure whilst not overshadowing the vocal harmonies. It’s a fierce and rapid introduction to this compelling artist and sets the bar high for the tracks which follow.

This leads to “Punching Bag” followed by “23”. Here the EP flows into “23″ and captures Wallice embracing the most personal thoughts we say to ourselves and then communicates this with tied up into the perfect pop hit. Embracing intimate realizations captured in this flawless lyrical journey and expressive piece. Wallice delves into abrasive surges whilst focusing on the mesmerizing melody produced. ‘23′ is truthful, addictive, raw, and captures the challenging melancholy life throws at you. Simultaneously looking for hope and promise from the future, the fact this is the artist has captured all of this in just 2 minutes 48 seconds is such an impressive feat.

Hey Michael” provides this compelling electronic beat and shining guitar textures noodling across the intimate exploration. The soundscape provides this intricate comfort and then the mighty vocal harmonies join the aura for a hypnotic and explosive statement. Wallice is fearless, holding their own whilst delivering these raw and reflective lyrics. Delivering honest lyrics wrapped in this mesmerizing melody floating through this pop punk-infused atmosphere. The release confronts elements of intense abrasive surges and in doing so compliments the telling lyrical tale.Wallice provides this aggressive stance within their creations, not taking any bullshit any more and somehow capturing that attitude within their arrangements. Here is an artist we need.

Dramamine” opens with this striking contrast in ambiance, allowing an organic nature to direct the aura of this release before the electronic beat boldly joins the release and lifts the lyric. A piercing leading rhythm reinforces Wallice and the intimate lyrics. Finally, the record reaches the final track “Headache”. The longest composition on the record and enriched with this hypnotic pull to the tones and the momentum. The lyrics once again brutally honest, Wallice effortlessly creates music with a strong visualization mirrored in the words. The audience can construct their own world based on these words and find a relation to their own life, seriously a powerful artist. The composition embraces a serious dynamic shift to the tracks that went before by focusing on this industrial energetic crescendo.

Wallice is a wordsmith we can all relate to, an artist with immense potential, remember the name now!

On the release, Wallice reflects, “Off the Rails is all about growing up and being in your early 20s. It was produced and co-written with marinelli, who I’ve know since I was in 6th grade – we’ve been really close friends for years now. The EP was created during quarantine – between August 2020 and March 2021 – in both marinelli’s childhood bedroom studio and in my grandparents house in Cedar City, Utah. It was a time we were all going stir crazy, overthinking and re-evaluating our lives. I think you can hear that in the music and see where I was coming from lyrically. Even outside of quarantine, I think I encapsulated the feelings of being in your early twenties and living at home. Kinda feeling like a loser sometimes – which is okay! It’s scary to grow up. I hope that when people listen to any of the songs on the EP, they don’t feel alone in feeling whatever it is they are going through, and that it brings some peace to some similar aged people that listen.”

23-year-old Wallice began writing songs in middle school, contemplating secret crushes over instruments she learned to play in the school band, and armed with her trusty ipod maxed out by Weezer, Black Eyed Peas, Radiohead and Lana Del Rey. With Adrienne Lenker, Vampire Weekend, Men I Trust and The Drums on her current high-rotation, elements of both her past and present influences distill in Wallice’s sound – which feels sweet and nostalgic with a rowdy edge. Wallice’s distinct and emotive voice led her to the New School’s Jazz Vocal Performance program in New York City. After a year, she decided to pack her bags and head back home to California to focus on her own music. Wallice linked back up with her childhood friend marinelli, who helped her develop a clearer direction for her voice and style. Wallice has quickly become known for blending bedroom pop with the energy and ethos of indie rock. Her unapologetic, funny and often self-deprecating lyrics have seen her tracks embraced as hyper-relatable Gen-Z anthems, and her debut EP is set to further solidify her place as an important young voice. 

Listen to Off the Rails on all platforms here:

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