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Stereo Club Release New Single “Parma Violet Gin”

June 28, 2021

Stereo Club Release New Single “Parma Violet Gin”

Indie-pop newcomers Stereo Club release their vibrant debut single Parma Violet Gin, out now.

Produced by Jim Lowe (StereophonicsThe CharlatansNick Cave), Parma Violet Gin combines elements of surf-rock and dream-pop in a hook-filled track which introduces a never before heard take on indie music. With their debut single, Stereo Club hope to captivate listeners with their colourful West Coast vibes and a sound that is undeniably refreshing and perfectly timed for the summer months.  

Stereo Club · Parma Violet Gin

With the stunning new single you’d be surprised this is an upcoming outfit and not a trio at the height of their impressive career, the production value and the quality of this release will leave you in awe. “Parma Violet Gin” showcases this utterly demanding attitude, the powerful vocal notes and the immersive lyrical journey become the focal point. Duarte has this flawless ability to hook their audience and keep that impression fixated during a showcase of their sublime vocal range. The instrumentation glides through the exploration and offers this abrupt intensity at these crucial times. The notes of the release all so clear and bright. Dedicated drum shuffles and precise stop-starts, the music elevates the vocal harmonies whilst mitigating the intensive passages. The energy from this trio, simply remarkable, that energy is easily embraced within each tone, note, and united harmony.

Stereo Club are the real deal and we can wait to see their career flourish.

Cardiff-based Stereo Club formed in early 2021 and consist of Ines Duarte (vocals, guitar, keys), Dan Waggon (bass, keys) and Ben Morris (drums, percussion). Talking about the single, the band says, “it’s based around a group of kids fantasising about achieving their dreams. The song takes the listener on a journey with the characters; from growing up in the suburbs of their hometown, to performing on the world’s biggest stages and drinking colourful cocktails.”

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