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Sam Barnes Releases New Single/ Video “Daydream Driver” – New Single Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co. | Release Feature

June 29, 2021

Sam Barnes Releases New Single & Video “Daydream Driver”

New Single Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

Welsh composer and songwriter Sam Barnes is proving that 2021 is simply his year, the musician last week released a new single “Daydream Driver” and this is easily one of the most powerful releases we’ve discovered so far this year.

Released on the 21st of June, Daydream Driver” is described as a propulsive tumble down the rabbit hole of Sam Barnes’ very own sonic world. Beginning in its own dreamlike way, the main hook came to Sam on his 27th birthday. Demonstrating his dedication and care for his craft, this song developed over the next few years, from an instrumental idea to its full, resplendent form.

To accompany the single, Sam has just released the stunning new video created by Edith Morris. “Daydream Driver”invites the listener into a remarkably relatable scene.

Sam describes: “a very literal image of somebody driving their car in a bit of a dream state”. However, the song is far from prosaic and leaves plenty of space to read between the lines. Sam explains that the song alludes to: “a machine-like system, driving somebody’s subconscious thoughts, feelings and aspirations”. This, more ominous interpretation can be heard in the track’ ethereal soundscape, which hints at a familiar melancholy.

Daydream Driver” is exactly what we need to immerse ourselves within right now, this expressive environment becomes this vital aura that can lift the audience and transport them into the center of this electrifying ensemble. It’s time to let one of the strongest releases of 2021 to hypnotize you. “Daydream Driver” is simply a euphoric daydream.

There is such a vibrant appeal to this aseptically pleasing arrangement, which is mirrored within the new film. Rich in these sonically soothing textures and creating this dynamic universe you want to be a part of, this nostalgic vibe creates this insatiable ambiance for Sam Barnes‘ gentle vocal notes to soar within. The track initiates this acoustic guitar tone gently strumming until this mighty sweeping rhythm dominates the passages alongside the prominent drum beat pushing the release on its merry way. As the verses glide past, “Daydream Driver” offers this irresistible groove, and when the intensity heightens this ardent tone proudly pushes to the front of the creation certifying these powerful transitions and alternating the course of the journey. Throughout this essential vision, Barnes unites these addictive psych-pop elements with the hazy layers, it may feel somewhat upbeat but when you take in the layers of this release there is a darker element bursting to be released. Whilst Barnes manipulates the elevated attitude of this arrangement, he shares this attribute where he is unafraid of complexity and the melody allows the release to embrace this freeing feeling, breezy yet bright.

As the final vocal notes play out in the ensemble, silence entwines through the alluring rhythmical pattern that flowed so effortlessly before. When we hear that space comes into focus, that addictive atmosphere, that for just over 3 minutes 40 become so crucial, that suddenly disappears and we long for that melancholic melody to cascade across us once more. We long for Sam’s vocal harmonies to add this dreamy affection that momentarily hooked us.

Each release that Sam shares showcase this sublime range for the artist, covering this wealth of ground within the influx of genre-crossing compositions, Sam always brings this emotionally charged connection to their music which we all embrace within their tender vocal tones and personal lyrical journey. “Daydream Driver” proudly captures this musician expanding their sound and taking this fearless leap into something more progressive and experimental. However, it seems Sam Barnes can effortlessly continue to craft and create such melodic masterpieces’. The new release is timeless.  

The video is described as expressing a similar juxtaposition of the mundane and extraordinary. As viewers we are treated to a meandering journey through grasslands, desert and the purple hills of vegetable psychedelia, all the while Sam’s doppelganger remains unchained by his surroundings. With outstanding practical effects and stop motion work from Edith Morris the originality and creativity on show elevates the video high above your standard affair. It really is a captivating film.

The single is out now via Rose Parade Recording Co, details of the highly anticipated debut album is due later this year.

Edith’s work is available to view here




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