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Night House Shares New Inwards Remix of “Bloodlines” + Releases New Visualizer- Bloodlines Remix Out Now via Back In The Woods Records | Single Special

June 30, 2021

Night House Shares New Inwards Remix of “Bloodlines” + Releases New Visualizer

Bloodlines Remix Out Now via Back In The Woods Records

Electronic producer Inwards twists Night House’s indie folk into a dark late-night deep groove with bursts of warm orchestral strings and swirling distant choirs.

Inwards is the alias of Kristian Shelley, a multi-instrumentalist and music programmer from Worcestershire, UK. His work exists in the experimental domain and draws influence from the far borders of dance music, using modular synths with acoustic and electronic sources to create a nostalgic and colourful sonic palette.

The collaboration is the united force we never knew we needed, but aren’t we grateful this amalgamation has been created.

The new single is out now and Night House have also released a new visualizer to accompany the arrangement, we are thrilled to be sharing in full below:

The new collaboration provides this enhancing structure focussing on the complex tones and emotional notes. The rework is nothing short of intoxicating, this alluring atmosphere provides this expressive character and unleashes these hypnotic passages and manipulated vocal effects. The remix oozes this sincerity, the inclusion of the electronic elements still captures a wealth of emotion, the focal point to any Night House creation. The audience will find themselves at the center of this very pure ensemble, layers of organic textures mixed with experimental attributes whilst still very much retaining those intimate tender traits. The ambiance soon establishes itself as addictive as we embark on this essential journey and meander through this labyrinthine of harmony and dynamic beats. That renowned Inwards energy cascades across the entire creation and we are hooked. Prepare to be dazzled.

Two fantastic artists joining forces to create something so innovative, contemporary yet utterly crucial.

Night House songwriter Nick Williams I’ve long been a fan of Inwards music, but I was absolutely blown away by what Kris has done to Bloodlines. The way he’s restricted the track around the strings section and glitching beats is mesmerising”

Bloodlines (Inwards remix) is out now via Back In The Woods Records.




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