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ME REX Announce Deconstructed 52-track Debut Album “Megabear” and Share Single ‘Galena’

June 2, 2021

ME REX announce deconstructed 52-track debut album Megabear and share single ‘Galena’

Out 18th June via Big Scary Monsters and streaming for a limited time exclusively via

ME REX, the solo bedroom pop project turned four-piece indie band, spent the latter half of 2020 being discovered, amassing new fans far and wide with double EP Triceratops / Stegosuarus. Championed by DIY Mag, Stereogum, BBC 6Music, Radio X, Amazing Radio and much more, ME REX return with an ambitious debut album – Megabear, out 18th June digitally and 23rd August physically on Big Scary Monsters. Today they share single ‘Galena’ alongside an exclusive preview of the entire album on a specially built website (pw terrebonne).

‘Galena’ is made up of 6 ‘segments’ taken from Megabear and arranged by the band using an accompanying 52 deck of cards.

bsmrocks · ME REX – Galena

‘Galena’ welcomes this impossibly grand sound resonating from the emotive led piano notes that initiate the proceedings, instantly this stirring appeal captures our attention before Myles’ distinct vocal notes join the ambitious atmosphere. The moment Myles’ vocal tones come into play the track makes a buoyant transition and alters its attitude with the accompanying electronic drum beats and soaring rhythms.

The deeply intimate lyrics will reach out and resonate with so many. This intimate yet innovative portrayal of acceptance weaving through this animated and colourful landscape.

With the announcement of the forthcoming 52 track album, ME REX has distinguished themselves as an outfit widening their horizons with a fearless attitude and enhanced by their visionary status.

The first of its kind, Megabear is a 52-track album featuring sections lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute; with every section recorded at 120 BPM, when shuffled at random the entirety of the album flows together seamlessly with seemingly endless combinations. The results are anything but formulaic, instead crafting unique arrangements that shapeshift in their surrounding context, emanating cathartic joy and achingly poignant reflection. It’s a record that has no beginning or end but exists as a cyclical body of work. 

At the centre of ME REX is songwriter Myles McCabe, joined by musical peers Kathryn Woods (guitar/vocals), Phoebe Cross (drums/vocals) and Rich Mandell (bass/keys/vocals), who in his signature stream-of-consciousness lyrical style writes openly about addiction and recovery. The band are unafraid to push the boundaries of what an album can be, inspired by the symbolism found within the pages of alchemical text ‘Splendour Solis’ by Saloman Trismosin, they strayed from tradition and set themselves the challenge to write a song split up into a series of short cells, each lasting for roughly 32 seconds in 4/4 time and Bb key. “It was really important we made the sound of the album as uniqueas the structure to try it and keep it exciting as you move between thedifferent sections” said bassist/keyboardist Rich Mandell.

The Megabear exploration page built by tech disruptor Lee Martin (Bowie, Billie Eilish, Foo Fighters) allows the LP to be experienced by listeners as ME REX intended. In an age where projects that fall outside of the traditional album are eaten up by DSP algorithms, this page protects the creative integrity of Megabear. Each of the 52 sections corresponds to a tarot-inspired image, collectively making up a deck of cards designed by Jono Ganz. A physical deck of tarot cards is available for purchase and the Megabear vinyl will be released on August 23rd.

“I wanted to write one song that was about 30 minutes long just as a challenge to see if I could, and partly as to subvert the traditional idea of songs and albums based on old recording formats and in the age of streaming that doesn’t necessarily make sense,” explains McCabe. The potential number of unique tracks is almost infinite. “The number actually is a 8 with 67 zero’s after it” says Myles.

“Part of the inspiration for the content of the album comes from the idea of using alchemy as a metaphor for the process of self-discovery or individuation. I was looking into a book called Splendour Solis which is one of those books that uses images and symbols to create this secret code about the steps that you would take to transmute lead into gold. And so I had the idea of make it into a book alongside the album, but because that would lend itself to a prescribed order it was the logical next step to do it as cards instead. And it was at that point actually that I realised that there were a lot of parallels to tarot in that it’s similarly about this kind of process of self-discovery” says McCabe.

An ambitious project, and one that could only be dreamt up by a truly imaginative collective, these 52 deconstructed songs aim to shift control from composer to the hands of the listener, quite literally. It’s within this concept that the obvious parallel of chaos, order and control can be drawn, reflected in the album’s fragmented lyrical themes. 

July 23-25 Suffolk UK @ Latitude Fest
Sept 02-05 Larmer Tree Gardens, Wiltshire UK @ End Of The Road Fest
Nov 10 Bristol @ The Crofters Rights
Nov 11 Manchester @ The Star & Garter
Nov 13 Glasgow @ Stag & Dagger Fest
Nov 14 Edinburgh @ Stage & Dagger Fest
Nov 15 Leeds @ Hyde Park Book Club
Nov 16 Birmingham @ Hare & Hounds V2
Nov 25 London @ The Lexington

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