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Max Bloom Shares New Single “All The Same” – Taken From Forthcoming Album “Pedestrian” out June 18th on Ultimate Blends

June 8, 2021
Photo credit: Bex Day


Shares new single “All The Same”
Album ‘Pedestrian’ out June 18th on Ultimate Blends
London show on July 2nd

Max Bloom (previously of Yuck) has shared another new single from his forthcoming solo record ‘Pedestrian’, which is set for release on June 18 through his own label, Ultimate Blends. He will also be playing a socially-distanced show at London’s Oslo on July 2nd.

Latest cut “All The Same” mixes bouncing guitars and bright electronics with wry lyricism for a moment of sparkling, dour pop brilliance.

“This song started as an experiment for something I was thinking of writing for another artist, but I ended up liking it too much so I used it for myself” Bloom comments. “I was listening to Colours by Beck and Hot Thoughts by Spoon a lot at the time. I wanted to make something more synth based and pop orientated, but quite strange sounding at the same time. I wrote the lyrics with my girlfriend Anna, and we were talking a lot about the difficulty and insecurity we both face releasing music, and how unrewarding it can feel putting your music out into this huge void. I guess you could say it’s a song about writing songs!”

This punchy synth sound emerges from the get-go and crafts the infectious climate to showcase the very best of Max Bloom. Max allows this ardent ambiance with this direct fuzzier ambition to direct the atmosphere, a dynamic shift from the tracks that have been released prior. Whilst this more angular ambiance shows a more hard-hitting influence, Max Bloom ties the creation with this sublime sincerity that emits from their vocal harmonies and lyrical passages. Max Bloom’s unique and dynamic vocal range soars through the piercing textures and resonates in the ambiance which supplies countless hooks and infectious energy. Max’s compelling harmonies add another vital and complex angle to this intoxicating ensemble.

The album ‘Pedestrian’ takes its listener into the outside world. And it was here, wandering the city streets and parks against the surreal backdrop of the last twelve months, that Bloom discovered his inspiration for this latest collection of songs. He found himself observing his surroundings and people’s behaviour in a new light. 

Over the months, a regular cast of companions (namely Spoon, Beck, and Yellow Magic Orchestra) accompanied Bloom on his increasingly lengthy runs. These references, alongside core influences like Wilco, George Harrison, and Grandaddy, helped bring a fresh pallet of sonic colours and textures to ‘Pedestrian’.

‘Pedestrian’ is the first release on Bloom’s new label, Ultimate Blends, which will be a home to all of his future projects and productions. Bloom has also designed individual artworks for every song on this album, and animations for its forthcoming singles. He also hosts podcast JEW-ISH, a series of one-to-one interviews with Jews from a range of different cultures and backgrounds, aiming to show the nuance that exists within the Jewish world. Listen here.

Max Bloom will play Oslo in London on July 2nd. Ticket info here.

‘Pedestrian’ will be released on June 18th via Ultimate Blends.

‘Pedestrian’ track list:
1. Pedestrian
2. Palindromes
3. All The Same
4. America
5. The Weatherman
6. Imposter Syndrome
7. Under Green Skies
8. How Can I Love You
9. Twenty-Two
10. Cat On Your Lap



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