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M Field Announces Self-Titled Debut EP and Shares New Single “Andrew”

June 12, 2021
photo credit: Jarred Figgins

M Field Announces Self-Titled Debut EP and Shares New Single “Andrew”
M Field EP is out 2 September on Leafy Outlook

M Field announces his self-titled debut EP and shares a third track, “Andrew”. It is a wonderful introduction to a distinct global pop sound from one of the most unique voices in modern music.
The EP combines off-kilter rhythms with trademark somersaulting melodies flipping through gossamer textures that recall Peter Gabriel and The Blue Nile, while light electronics come curtesy of co-production from Bullion (Westerman, Nilufer Yanya).
The collection of songs came together on the fly. Some were picked out from old demos and reworked, some were more freshly written.
There wasn’t anything obvious or conceptual tying them together,” says Field, “but I trusted that my overall intention would bind them somehow. And of course, as time goes on and work is done things begin to cohere in unexpected ways. Working with Bullion also led to more sonic unity.”
The announcement also coincides with Matthew Field leaving his home of Cape Town for a new start in London. As the driving creative force behind Beatenberg, he created South Africa’s biggest ever airplay hit (“Pluto”) and won seven SA music awards for their 2014 debut album. The band subsequently made appearances on Jimmy Fallon and Jools Holland
Field’s work with Congolese pop maverick Tresor, meanwhile, showed he could take his magpie approach and ear for a winning melody into a whole new sphere.
His debut UK show, a headline at Moth Club is already on sale for the 13th October.
Alongside the EP, Field shares a third track, “Andrew”. The obvious question – who is Andrew?
“Like in dreams, in songs everyone is you. But also nothing I say outside of my songs is actually true,” says Field.
“The key of Andrew is to D major as 95bpm is to 98bpm – I slowed it down a little bit. The song started with the chorus and it took me a while to find the right verse. I really like the end bit with all the orchestral instruments and hope to do more stuff like that.”

 “Andrew” is one of the most uplifting and immersive singles of 2021 and then some. Instantly M Field defines this desirable, summer-infused feel-good vibe created from the rolling rhythms, fluttering tones, and sweeter harmonies. The textures of this creation unite to form this melodic and moving ensemble. M Field’s delicate vocal tones soar above the intricate experimentation forming the crucial structure of this record. An ambitious arrangement that will immediate hook any listener and keep them fixated on the journey of this release. Who is Andrew?

This alluring pull hooks the attention to the budding instrumentation fusing with the softer vocal tones. M Field continues to create these far-reaching moving ensembles with the most desirable beats. This release just surrounds the audience from every angle and showcases this flawless energy and unique vibrance- another taste from what will be a compelling and must-hear EP.

M Field EP is out on the 2nd of September on Leafy Outlook.

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