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koleżanka Shares New Single “In A Meeting” – Debut Album “Place Is” due 30th July via Bar/None

June 23, 2021
Image by Michael Fuller


New single ‘In a Meeting’ shared

Debut album Place Is due 30/7 via Bar/None

New York-via-Arizona artist koleżanka is back with the new single from debut album Place Is, due 30th July via Bar/None Records‘In A Meeting’ opens with dramatic keys and a slow-building rhythm section while she coos over the track, adding slick guitar lines before it opens up into a kaleidoscoping avalanche of synths and roiling drums. Pre-order here:

The music video that accompanies ‘In A Meeting’ was shot in Bushwick and informed by Yorgos Lanthimos‘ 2019 short film, Nimic. It is a tense and beautiful video that attempts to capture the social anxieties Moore writes about on her latest single, the attempts to escape it, and the inevitability of its return. The concept is laid out in more detail by Kristina Moore who says:

“‘In a Meeting’ is basically about social anxiety and how it operates like internal dialogue, imploring you to just go home instead of staying out in hopes things will feel “normal”. I want to feel close to people or allow myself to feel comfortable but I am often obstructed by being generally terrified and overwhelmed by even the simplest of interactions. I wanted to create a horror narrative in which the anxiety manifests itself into a doppelgänger that follows me to a bar and taunts me with my own desires of social ease and freedom.

“In addition, I wanted to convey the vulnerability of small rituals one has (ie standing in the shower, an outfit check, etc) before leaving their personal space to help them feel ready and confident, as well as the way anxiety creates an alternate world that everyone around you seems to be in on when often times most people are feeling just as weird as you and wondering if everyone else can see it.”

koleżanka has this controlling manner with their immersive and dynamic vocal range. The course of “In a Meeting” exudes these intricate layers of experimentation, whirling intensity and delicate vocal harmonies, put this all together and the ensemble becomes a fierce and hypnotic exploration. Carefully fusing soft with a sudden injection of power, charming tones face the unknown and the experimental elements add this unpredictable edge to this complex creation. koleżanka has crafted this atmosphere that exudes this addictive trait and showcases the impressive range this artist conveys.

Kristina Moore writes songs about the anti-place, a state of being understood by truckers, deckhands, flight attendants, and touring musicians. An in-between existence where home becomes blurry, and improvised routines provide temporary comfort. That liminal experience was only exasperated when Moore relocated to New York and then immediately hit the road, spending every weeknight in a different club around the country, her bags still unpacked and her world in stasis.

In a previous life, Moore found structure in the unique contours of a ranching town in West Phoenix, where scorpions shared her home, and the streets belonged more to coyotes than vehicles or pedestrians. Her grandpa’s polka club was the center of the universe, it’s gravitational pull strong and comforting, a refuge where older Poles would come to sing and dance. There was even a brief time when they shared a roof with him, and nights not at the club were spent gathered around an old karaoke machine. Piano lessons proved ill-fitting, but when Moore joined the choir in her local Catholic Church, she fell in love with the larger than life hymns.

Despite a youth steeped in music, it wasn’t until late highschool that her first band came together, inspired by the freedom she found in their theatre program, and making use of an old accordion she’d inherited from her grandparents. After school, Moore moved to Omaha, where she spent a year writing her own songs before returning to Phoenix. She remembers this time fondly, booking tours through Myspace and printing out directions from MapQuest, performing in makeshift venues around the country and sleeping on floors and couches – a DIY crash course familiar to any lifer who got their start in the late aughts. 

In 2016, she adopted the koleżanka name, which roughly translates to colleague, or a friendly acquaintance, a tongue-in-cheek comment on the competitive and male-dominated music scene she was navigating, and a nod to the bond she felt with the other women coming up against these same obstacles. “We were a minority presence, instant colleagues”, she explains. It was around this same time that she met the members of Triathalon, a rising indie band from New York, and struck up a friendship. Before long, she’d been invited to join the band, handling keys and backing vocals on their first national headline tour, and eventually moving out east to join them full time. One whirlwind year later, her stint with the group was over, and her life in the new city a burning question mark. 

koleżanka’s debut album, Place Is, distills the experiences of a lifetime into sound. These songs could easily soundtrack a late night drive through the Phoenix desert, cacti and the pupils of wildlife illuminated under the yellow glow of headlights. Songs like A Mouthful’ and ‘7th St‘ sway with an assured confidence, Moore’s calm voice a grounding beacon in a kaleidoscope of sound. Written over two years, the album was recorded mostly via email exchanges with longtime collaborator Ark Calkins. Plans to record in a proper studio back in Phoenix were cut short, when murmurs of a new virus brought life to a standstill. Nonetheless, they bubble with the energy of a live band, the swirling intro to ‘Vegan Sushi’ is massive, and Moore sounds distinctly like Lætitia Sadier, cool and steady amidst the controlled chaos. 

40‘ wouldn’t sound out of place in her grandfather’s dimly lit nightclub, the rhythm of it’s off kilter drum machine invoking memories of late night polka before breaking into the triumphant refrain, “better to lie than to lie down”. It’s an album that asks the question, “what is a place and what is a home?”, investigating the deeply meaningful relationships we build with places – that coffee shop outside the venue in Texas, the bar around the corner, the intimate space we build with a lover. On Place Is, koleżanka delivers one of the year’s most promising debuts, a surprisingly self-assured record from an artist who’s only just getting started. One might go so far as to say Kristina Moore has found home, or at the very least, built one within the confines of these 9 songs. 


A Mouthful
Vegan Sushi
7th St / 7th Ave
In A Meeting
Words for No One
The Offensive
The Mountain

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