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Ivan Moult Returns With New Single “Steady Hands” – Out via Bubblewrap Collective

June 20, 2021

Ivan Moult Returns With New Single “Steady Hands” + Cover Of The Bangles “Eternal Flame”

Out via Bubblewrap Collective

Following on from his last single, ‘What More Could I Say?’, released last August on Bubblewrap Records, Ivan Moult is back with another brand new track. ‘Steady Hands’ was written a few years ago, but with Ivan setting up and honing his home studio in Cardiff, it has now finally found the light of day.

Written and recorded by Moult, the track covers the romantic coupling with his now fiancé, now also the mother of his son. Thematically, the lyrics cover the gradual maturing towards genuine adulthood, and the realisation that family life would require the shedding of some bad habits, alongside learning how to communicate properly.

As ever with Moult’s music, there’s an emotional and experiential honesty worn palpably on the sleeve, with this delivered through his typically ethereal, layered vocals and modernised take on classic 70s folk. ‘Steady Hands’ is available now having been released across all digital platforms on June 18th. The track is accompanied by a cover of The Bangles pop classic, ‘Eternal Flame’.

“Steady Hands” welcomes this distinct vibrance from the first few notes, as the emotion overwhelms and propels the audience into the center of this painstakingly beautiful arrangement. Ivan’s vocal range covers this impressive ground whilst always emitting such emotion from each lyric gliding through the impressive soundscape. This artist has a remarkable ability to craft such deep ensembles, harmonious and humble. Soul soars above the intricate soundscape focussing on the rolling rhythms and tender percussive flairs. The scale of the arrangement reflects the range of affection and compassion.

Ivan harnesses this personal infliction and uses that honesty to produce such tender tones and serene sounds. Amongst the depth of this endearment, Ivan looks to the beat and the gentle melodies in order to wrap the lyrics in this ambitious setting. That delicate setting becomes an intimate passage for the artist to thrive within and in turn, the audience respectfully connects and relishes within their vision. Ivan is a true wordsmith, able to capture these intimate thoughts and memories and project all of that influence into this expressive environment with endless hooks and memorable melody.

Every new creation Ivan releases into the world showcase this artists’ flawless talent to fearlessly delve into a musical universe consumed with sincerity, pure melodies, and endless emotive tangents. Both “Steady Hands” and the harrowing cover of “Eternal Flame” offer this compelling range and dynamic affection, sentimental value flairs up throughout the two compositions.



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