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Is Tropical Release New Track “Spiritual Head” out now via Axis Mundi Records

June 14, 2021



Following last year’s releases of ‘Calling Out’ and ‘Hummingbird’, their first songs in 4 years, IS TROPICAL are now back with a new track out now Axis Mundi Records. 

Talking about ‘Spiritual Head‘, the band explain: “We started making this album very organically. We had a little hiatus after our previous record and hadn’t really discussed making new music. We went into a little DIY London studio with friend and producer JP Sancho and just started messing around. We weren’t after a particular sound at all, and have always loved the fact our music floats from one genre to another and always ends up sounding like IS TROPICAL. Naturally, after having some time off, we expelled some energy with a few heavier songs, then one night we set up a piano running through some delay pedals and started playing a pretty little piano loop. It was completely different to anything else we had ever written, but it was emotive and infectious. Kirstie started singing over the top about getting ‘Spiritual Head’. It was a bit of a joke at first, about someone going down on her and ‘the boy’ being super shy. I guess it was a dig at the macho, male bravado that guys always tend to use when talking about sex, and putting power back in the hands of women. The song has a slow steady build and a climactic ending which is pretty fitting for the subject matter“. 

These tender yet crucial percussive beats/shuffles starts the proceedings and is soon joined by these standout rhythmic notes that form this impressive structure for the release. When the dreamy vocal notes intricately glide amongst the wondrous textures the audience can suddenly feel this shift in the exploration, the lyrics add this emotional depth to the experimental creation and pulls the audience into the center of this expressive piece. Harmonious and harrowing at the same time, the bright synth sounds bring this upbeat cathartic cadence to the fast-paced ensemble. The vocal melodies provide this immersive impression and surround the audience whilst the high notes are reached. This alluring energy from “Spiritual Head” is destined to hook and appeal to so many.

The band have also rescheduled their intimate London show to July. 

Thu 1st July – The Waiting Room – SOLD OUT

 ‘Spiritual Head’ is taken from their upcoming new album ‘Cola Spirit’, to be announced soon.

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