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Introducing Evan Wright – New Album “Sound From Out the Window” due August 25th via Solitaire Recordings + Shares New Single “IDM”

June 23, 2021
(credit August Raven)

Evan Wright

Shares new single, “IDM”

New Album Sound From Out the Window – August 25, 2021
Out via Solitaire Recordings

Physical Release – December 3, 2021

The California-born, New Jersey-raised and now New York-based songwriter, Evan Wright is today sharing “IDM”, the second track to be lifted from his forthcoming debut album, Sound From Out the Window which is set for release via Solitaire Recordings on August 25 – listen new single streaming below. The collection of country-tinged indie psychedelia, which was recorded, mixed, performed and produced by Wright now has a physical release date of December 3, 2021.

Recorded partially in Wright’s New York apartment before Covid caused him to decamp to his parents’ barn in New Jersey for quarantine, Sound From Out the Window is the work of a consummate craftsman, fully in control of his sonic arsenal. “I always enjoyed recording and doing everything by myself,” says Wright. “It gives me a chance to learn something new.” This determination to create something truly personal led Wright to play every instrument on the record. It also led to a lot of experimentation. 

It’s time to become infatuated by this compelling artist. The new single “IDM” provides this expressive journey filled with dreamy melodic vocal notes and a buoyant beat. These sumptuous transitions within the course of the release allow Evan Wright to add these complex layers of experimental elements and additional tweaks and tones. These layered textures assist with the ever-present hypnotic ambiance and intense instrumentation. The gentle swaying motion of this expressive ensemble provides the immediate hook to the vision, whilst the intricate notes and intimate lyrics add a further connection from artist to audience. The energy from this musician has effortlessly been captured in the entire release, the power simply explodes and casts this magical and dreamy influence over the artist whilst the lyrical movement allows the audience to understand the emotion that led to this arrangement.

“IDM” marks one of the more immediate songs on the record, an anthem of detachment inspired by everyday frustrations. Featuring backing vocals from Alyssa McDoom, the chorus is a repetition of the phrase “I don’t mind”, and you can feel the calm assurance in Wright’s voice, a determination not to let the concerns of things he can’t dictate take power over his own emotions. “I sit and wait ’cause I have nowhere to be,” sings Wright. “I can’t be late if I’m just waiting on me.”

Speaking about the single, Wright says: “Most of my songs come from finding something new to play on guitar. I remember coming up with this simple chord progression that you can hear in the chorus. I naturally played this baritone guitar part with it and it felt like something Neil Young maybe could have played.

“It took me a while to write the lyrics for this song but there was one day I was taking the train that was so delayed. And while everyone was losing it I decided I was going to not let it bother me and finish the lyrics. The message of the song was influenced by what was going on around me. I was just not trying to let the things I had no control over dictate my emotions.”

The forthcoming debut album release from Evan Wright follows a string of early singles and the Spaghetti Western EP which found him earn a promising amount of buzz from online blogs. This full record looks to deliver on those early signs with a dazzling collection of nine tracks that is sure to please fans of Kurt Vile, Cut Worms, Andy Shauf, and the like.

Pre-order Sound From Out the Window at this link here.

Evan Wright
Sound From Out the Window
August 25, 2021
Out via Solitaire Recordings

1. People
2. IDM
3.  Just a Sign
4. Turn the Other Way
5. Sound From Out the Window
6. Change
7. Morning Light
8. On the Line
9. Ride


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