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Girl Friday Share New Single & Video “I’m Impossible” – Double A-side Single Out July 7th on Hardly Art

June 19, 2021
Photo credit: Kylie Shaffer


Share new single & video “I’m Impossible” 

Double A-side single “I’m Impossible” / “You’re Getting a Dog”out July 7th on Hardly Art

Los Angeles’ Girl Friday released a new video & single “I’m Impossible,” the first song from their forthcoming double A-side single release, with second track “You’re Getting a Dog” available at all DSPs on July 7th
Girl Friday’s Vera Ellen and Libby Hsieh shared their unique experience collaborating on the release: “we wrote these songs in the confines of our bedrooms divided by the great Pacific Ocean. We passed them back and forth from New Zealand to Los Angeles, like love letters. They binded us when all of our strings felt loose. They are the place where we met and danced with our shoes on the wrong feet. They like you and we hope you like them. From our bedrooms to yours.”
The new video for “I’m Impossible” was directed by the band’s own Vera Ellen.

The initial textures that flow from the start of this compelling journey, the textures focus on this piercing and biting pitched attribute colliding with this immersive and warming ambiance. The beat joins the atmosphere and initiates the course of the ensemble and reinforces the ethereal and melodic vocal notes that glide above the delicate soundscape. That piercing tone still swirling amongst this intricate piece- bringing a fierce influence into a dreamy aura. When the dual melodies unite, the audience and their mood are elevated to another level. The intimate lyrics provide this expressive element to “I’m Impossible”, reflection cascades through the lyrics.

At only 2 minutes 45, Girl Friday are ready to hypnotize you and take you with them in their enchanting environment. Enough tie to provide such a contagious, alluring, emotional exploration. You fully commit to the course of this arrangement. When the track ends, you once more long for that desirable motion the pair have crafted. Girl Friday has found this sublime balance of infusing their edgy attitude with a dynamic world, fearlessly mixing bold passages with softer sounds.


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