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Dowd Records Set To Release Silver’s New Double A-Side 7″ “Air Light” – Available via Dowd Store & Circuit Sweet From 11th June

June 9, 2021

Dowd Records Set To Release Silver’s New Double A-Side 7″ “Air Light”

Available via Dowd Store and Green Vinyl Version Exclusive to Circuit Sweet Available in the UK

We first discovered Dowd Records back in 2019, since then our love for this special label has grown. We cannot recommend this label enough. Dowd Records champion the most diverse range of talented musicians across the globe. Nurturing artists with this unique ethos to DIY, promoting upcoming talent, and supporting acts from every genre imaginable. Community is key for this label and they understand the importance of their artists and the artists’ fans. Dowd Records is a collective of musicians, artists, designers, skateboarders, and music fans and we know they deserve all of your attention. We truly love Dowd Records‘ commitment to focusing their energy on pushing and support artists to be heard worldwide. If you have any interaction with Dowd on any level, that dedicated energy and spirit exude to all those in communication with the label and their artists, and that’s what we adore about the label.

Now, we are delighted to join forces with the forthcoming stunning single release from UK artist Silver. Dowd Records introduced us to Silver at the start of 2021 and our first listen and introduction to the artist simply blew us away.

Dowd Records are set to release Silver’s new double A-Side 7″ “Air Light”, available via Dowd Store and green vinyl version exclusive to Circuit Sweet available in the UK. Both stores will welcome the physical release June 11th, with the official release date to follow a week later.

We are delighted to offer the gorgeous green vinyl, launching in our store 6pm this Friday –

Silver is easily one of the most compelling songwriters and artists of our time. The forthcoming debut single will catapult the musician into the limelight and will solidify her growing fan base.

“Air Light” starts with this gentle penetrating beat, accompanied by the glistening acoustic guitar notes that resonate to form this respective mellow, yet moving ambiance. This degree of ominosity surrounds the ambiance but never overshadows the immediate feelings that reflect from the atmosphere and the mood molded from this track. Silver has created this essential journey within their vision, a journey destined to move the audience and provide a cathartic passage, this upbeat and heartfelt vibe will captivate your full attention throughout. With the atmosphere focused on initially offering this charming and soft affection, Silver then emerges with her mature lyrics and allows their impressive and immersive lyrical course to take center stage. By allowing this deeply emotional pull to bounce from her unique vocal harmonies, the pull pushes the affectionate direction of the composition.

Effortlessly, Silver offers up this sublime serenity within their vocal harmony, capturing a mature impression whilst her vocal notes soar above the sweeter atmosphere. The rhythmic guitar emerges midway and adds yet another complex layer of intensity into the arrangement. As the electronic pulse of the guitar noodles shines amongst the tender acoustic tones that offer the bass low-end to the soundscape, the swaying beat of the controlled hand hitting the guitar instrument ultimately shifts the mesmeric vibe. By adding in this additional element, Silver produces this remarkable aura that consumes the listener.

Silver’s intimate lyrical path allows this visionary aspect to come alive. We embrace those stunning vocal tones and can easily picture the lyrics which are building this story that ignites as the exploration continues, that story is one any audience can connect with. Silver is a remarkable wordsmith but the talent found in this musician is the flawless ability to ooze charm and rich emotions that are present throughout her vocal harmonies and broad range. Adapting the intensity by creating this standout single that can resonate with so many. Silver has constructed this visionary piece that will move you. When “Air Light” ends and the soundscape we just devoured leaves our world, we find ourselves needing to soak up and embrace this piece once more. So hit repeat and let Silver submerge you into the depths of her world.

Be sure to pick up a limited edition vinyl whilst you can. Plus more merch being announced shortly.

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