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Doug Tuttle Announces New EP ‘Pinecone’ + Shares First Track ‘Lead Mask’

June 7, 2021



Massachusetts-based artist Doug Tuttle has announced the release of new EP ‘Pinecone’ on July 9th through Wild Honey Records. Noe he has shared ‘Lead Mask’, the first track taken from the EP.

Doug Tuttle has this unique skill within their songwriting abilities, they create such an immersive and visionary story within their emotional lyrical delivery. With “Lead Mask” the bright rhythms push the direction and it’s Doug’s lyrics and vocal harmonies which keep your attention fixated and push the power into the creation. The atmosphere created, crafted and maintained throughout this release is so crisp and compelling.

Throughout the harrowed edges of the 2020 pandemic, Doug Tuttle’s Pine Cone EP was born from hours spent whiling away the time in an ever-increasing apprehension. As the uncertain landscape outside frayed and unravelled, Tuttle turned his task towards songwriting constructed around stripped-down melodies and simple, self-soothing repetition. Like a half-recalled tune that sticks in your head or a mantra meant to focus the mind, each of these five songs is steeped in the nostalgic remembrance of better times set against a wobbling, unreliable reality.
At times adrift in cyclical jangly pop as on “Lead Mask,” shimmering, affected piano and sun-blistered guitar as on the hook-y “Weak Ends,” or thoroughly steeped in wavering, grief-laden guitar slide as on “Darkness Under Blight,” Pine Cone EP feels comfortably well-worn from back and forth pacing, or rubbed smooth like a worry-stone carried in the pocket. 

Guitarist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter Doug Tuttle’s first band, Mmoss, was a deeply psychedelic project and when it split, Tuttle shifted musical gears. Recording in a home studio, Tuttle is making records using various folk/rock, psych, and classic rock elements; his first two were lo-fi takes on melancholy psych-pop that featured his buzzing guitar and mournful vocals. By the time of 2017’s Peace Potato though, he’d switched gears and began crafting mid-fi versions of mainstream ’70s rock that wouldn’t sound out of place next to Tom Petty on a playlist. Now Tuttle is back with a fresh new 12’’ EP emerged from the pandemic isolation, on the Wild Honey label that originally released the first MMOSS record in Europe. A full circle, and a new road. 


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