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Discover Central Heat Exchange – Band Share New Single “Tulips At My Bedside” Featuring Living Hour’s Sam Sarty + Announce Signing To Birthday Cake, Citrus CIty & Sunroom Records

June 7, 2021

Central Heat Exchange Share Debut Single

“Tulips At My Bedside” Featuring Living Hour’s Sam Sarty

Announce Signing to Birthday Cake, Citrus City & Sunroom

Central Heat Exchange (C.H.E.) is a collaborative project by musicians spread throughout the US & Canada, primarily in the central time zone. Split across Austin, Chicago, & Winnipeg, its core members are Adam Soloway of Living Hour, Santiago RD of Daphne Tunes and Jacob and Paul Stoltz of Varsity and Pool Holograph, though their forthcoming recorded output involves a broad network of collaborators. Today they are announcing their signing to Birthday CakeCitrus City and Sunroom Records, and sharing their debut single “Tulips At My Bedside,” which features vocals from Living Hour’s Sam Sarty and contributions from members of Lala Lala and The Hecks

The rhythmic appeal on this dazzling creation will immediately hook you, these beautiful vocal melodies cascade over the full bodied and rich textures emitting from this delicate yet desirable atmosphere. A soulful composition exuding this upbeat nature, hypnotic passages and a sunny disposition found in the brighter tones. At just over 3 minutes, the track takes you on a quick but momentous journey. The lyrics bring a reflective affection to the track and once you’ve experienced your first listen to the release, a cathartic energy overcomes the audience. The lo-fi notions pack such charm and emotive value that this alluring infliction sets you up to hit repeat and immerse yourselves into “Tulips At My Bedside” one more time.

“‘Tulips at my Bedside’ tells of a brief summer fling and the exploration that happens during and afterward, with themes of self-reflection, health and growth,” explains Sam Sarty. “I see the song as almost a collective joy/celebration of silly everyday things that make up living, especially at the end with the group vocals. Everyone chiming in and almost giddy that we get to experience the simple hellos when we meet each other. That warm humid freedom of a summer night bike ride, with huge birch trees swaying way up above, rooted in the ground that has seen more than you ever will, a deep smile within yourself of knowing rolling around and your legs are alive and the person behind you on a bike is too.

“Tulips At My Bedside” is available to purchase on Bandcamp and on all streaming services. It will appear on the forthcoming debut LP from Central Heat Exchange, which is expected in the fall of 2021.

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