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Dead Method Releases New Single “Dance With The Devil” Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club | Single Feature

June 3, 2021

Dead Method Releases New Single “Dance With The Devil” Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club

This year Rose Parade Recording Co. have single handily promoted and released one of the most diverse yet inspiring range of prolific artists under their current Singles Club. The latest addition to their impressive plethora of talented acts is that of Dead Method.

Dead Method has released their brand new single ‘Dance With The Devil’ which was unveiled 21st May via (in our thoughts) the legendary Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club. The new track is the first material to be released since Dead Method‘s debut album “Queer Genesis”.

Under the moniker Dead Method, musician Lloyd Best has shared a track that has been described as the most polished yet, taking his signature spooky sound to the next level. The track was produced with long-time collaborator and producer Minas, a process that, due to the pandemic, took place entirely online with Lloyd Best recording all his vocals at home.

Dance With The Devil” commences with this abrupt piercing ambiance, immediately the audience is intrigued about where this exploration will take them, for this track is a critical journey we need to embrace. Within the first initial notes, this crushing soundscape forms and captures a resilient and fearless energy.

Ardent and angular electronic notes simply soar amongst this obscure environment, but then the vocal notes emerge they instantly bring this striking intensity into the creation which shifts the affection. The lyrics, intimate and so raw add this personal touch to a sharp and dramatic atmosphere. The vocal harmonies enforce this rhythmic and electrifying energy into the immersive landscape, manipulating the course for this venture. When the beat multiples and the textures pitched into the world unite, this explosive infliction occurs. The chorus is the ultimate compelling hook, the audience finds themselves singing along upon first listen.

Throughout “Dance With The Devil”, this mighty sound demands to take ownership for the 3 minutes 57 second length time. Dead Method allures the audience into this harsh aura filled with industrial influences and yet dramatically alters the ambiance with the bittersweet lyrics and the softer vocal tones whilst the lyrics really embrace this bodacious, boundary-free character. The vocals glide above this crushing ensemble and provide beauty to a brutalist surround. Dead Method has created this visionary piece that feels like a destined hit, it’s bold, unique and the energy dazzles.

Speaking about the single, Lloyd comments, “I wanted to explore the politics between religion and sexual preference and how that has affected generations of queer people. As a gay man I have had years of being told I was going to hell or committing sin and there comes a time when you must look beyond their fiction and question why they are telling you this. It’s all a control tactic. Choosing to dance with the ‘Devil’, is choosing freedom and liberation over chains and turmoil. It comes with a realisation that the world won’t end if you choose to be happy and disregard the fears/prejudices other people place over you.”

Dead Method is one of Wales’ finest pop talents and a true DIY popstar and we can’t agree more. Working with his longtime collaborator, Minas, he conjures up dark alternative pop that explores sexuality, homophobia, love, loss and more with sobering honesty and poetic flair. Frankly, that fearless aspect is captured within their work and is a crucial hook to this artist.

Rebellious but sincere- perfect qualities.




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