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Codex Serafini Shares New Video For “Time, Change & Become” | Video Premiere

June 18, 2021

Codex Serafini Shares New Video For “Time, Change & Become” | Video Premiere

Firstly, it’s impossible not to become besotted with Codex Serafini. Their compelling vision and fierce energy results in this addictive strength and influence that oozes from absolutely everything they craft. You will always find this alluring attribute to the outfit and their innovative instrumentations.

Earlier this month, June 11th, Codex Serafini released their sensational new 4 Track EP “Invisible Landscape“. The record was released on HalfMeltedBrain Records/ Ceremonial Laptop, available on limited edition cassette and streaming digitally.

Invisible Landscape is described as..

a fractalized imagining of a cosmos navigable only by sound. Cavernous by intention, the four recordings presented on this piece are a shrieking cacophony, indecipherable conjurations of ecstatic noise from beyond the solar veil. 

The descriptive conventions of rock often centre around heft and heaviness: decidedly earthbound terminology that represents a lexicon unsuited for the band’s orbital trajectory. Even the word ‘rock’ conveys an inapplicable sense of groundedness and solidity – it implies a tether. Instead, the substance of Codex Serafini’s sound is vaporous, astral, replete with sensory surges unbound by gravitational trappings. You can also bang your head to it. It is, after all, permitted.

If the description isn’t enough to provoke a listen, we have no doubts the intrigue into the expressive pieces this outfit create with such immense energy will pull you in.

Invisible Landscape Tracklisting

1. Organismic Thought

2. Crawling Space

3. Mendoza’s Memory

4. Time, Change & Become

Today, we are delighted to share a new video for the records’ crushing closer “Time, Change & Become“. Watch the exclusive new video premiere in all it’s glory below:

The new video was produced by Gerry Carnelly and flawlessly compliments the hypnotic and wild ride of the ensemble. The film embraces that raw energy that the track possesses. Codex Serafini are committed to creating these expressive landscapes that form this vivacious world of chaotic extremities whilst showcasing the band’s own charisma and their unique power.

Time, Change & Become” brings this trippy ambiance into the audiences focus and fires these full on compelling rhythms emitting from the raucous guitar tones and the gritty riffs. The immersive lyrical impression glides above the bold tapestry of jagged textures and repetitive yet raw loops. The instrumentation works up this powerful journey and suddenly pelts the audience into the firing line of the mammoth soundscape. Those sublime vocal harmonies captivate your attention as they cover such ample ground with the far-reaching notes and intense passages, whilst still oozing a real punk attitude. All in all, the chaos consumes you.

Only a few of the cassettes remain, pick up your copy now – https://codexserafini.bandcamp.com/releases

Listen to the record in full :

Codex Serafini have announced a couple of live shows, details below and save the date:

27th June, Aces & Eights, Tufnell Park, London https://dice.fm/partner/aces–eights-saloon-bar/event/gnlnp-codex-serafini-friends-27th-jun-aces-eights-saloon-bar-london-tickets

3rd July, The Hope & Ruin, Brighton. 2 shows, early 7pm, Late 9pm https://www.facebook.com/events/1199916453749135




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