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Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Share New Single “Warm It Up”

June 17, 2021
Photo credit: Lily Brown

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Share New Single “Warm It Up”

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have released their brand new single “Warm It Up.” With a full length debut record currently in the works, “Warm It Up” continues to open up the next chapter for the exciting band. 

The moment any Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard music joins your atmosphere, you are destined to be elevated to another world. This outfit is easily one of the most influential, innovative, and immersive bands right now. Every composition they share also showcases their flawless ability to craft a refreshing ambiance and an ambitious vibe. There’s a real distinct mystique that surrounds this band, the mystique and magic to their formation ooze from their musical direction.

“Warm It Up” welcomes a slower, more dramatic ensemble from Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard which showcases the broad range this outfit has to offer. The intoxicating energy implodes throughout the visionary lyrics, intricate notes, and vibrant tone. This raucous outfit creates such complex compositions that the aura they initiate in turn alters the mood of the audience, you embrace every passage and intense peaks the powerful outfit conveys.

In traditionally eccentric Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard fashion, “Warm It Up” chronicles frontman Tom Rees’ newfound love affair with cooking. Rees explains: “In the height of the first lockdown I was on a McCartney binge, and nothing is peak McCartney quite like writing a song about cooking! I can just see Paul bobbing his head around various pots and pans, sipping pasta sauce off of a wooden spoon, and then yelping an ‘ooooh’ that’s kind of like the one in ‘Twist and Shout’, followed by one of his gravelly tones saying ‘sweet momma Madonna that’s a spicy pasta sauce’ like in ‘Oh Darling’.” 

Lockdown was boring as hell, and after a week of drinking heavily every night in bed I thought I’d better get myself together. Who knew it would be Pasta alla Norma that would bring me back from the brink. In honour of my new found sanity I decided to write a song about cooking – cook on.” 

“Warm It Up” follows previous single “New Age Millennial Magic,” which was acclaimed by Under the Radar, who praised the band’s “no-nonsense pastiche of ‘70s glam and garage rock.” The track also drew praise from the likes of The Needle Drop, The Line Of Best Fit, DIY, Dork, Upset, and more.  

Since forming in 2017, the Cardiff-based four-piece have become one of the most talked-about new bands in the UK. Driven by an exciting, dynamic energy presented at a host of magnetic, hype-building live shows, the band’s debut EP The Non-Stop then followed in summer 2020. As presented on The Non-Stop EP, the band – Rees, guitarist Zac White, drummer Ethan Hurst and Rees’ brother and bassist Eddie – draw from classic ‘70s rock with a distinctly 21st century twist, dragging the sounds of T-Rex and Steely Dan kicking and screaming into the 2020s. 

Across their multiple, frenetic tours, the band have made fans in tourmates from The Magic Gang to Miles Kane, and were set to support Noel Gallagher – another in a growing list of fans – at the Royal Albert Hall before the coronavirus struck. Operating out of their studio base in Cardiff, the band are also an integral part of a blooming Welsh indie scene. Alongside his work in Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Rees is also a fast-rising producer, working with the likes of Do Nothing, Private World, The Bug Club and Panic Shack. 

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard realizes that honesty is the best policy with songwriting, shining through beyond any trendy sheen or preconceived notions of what a band should be in 2021. The simple desire to make honest, catchy music with no pretence is a recipe with which to create a timeless debut album, and with that, frontman Rees says, “you really can create a difference and a change with something as fickle as rock music.”


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