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Breathe Panel Announce New Album “Lets It In” out September 17th via FatCat Records + Shares Video For Title Track

June 1, 2021
 Julia Nala

Breathe Panel announce new album Lets It In
Out September 17th via FatCat Records

Breathe Panel have announced that their new album will be released on September 17th on FatCat Records via the sharing of title track ‘Lets It In’. With members divided between London and Brighton, Breathe Panel come together to produce music that is as effortless as their name suggests. Recorded live to tape by esteemed producer Ali Chant (Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey, Katy J Pearson)Lets It In was recorded with no agenda other than the enjoyment of making music together. The resulting album is ultimately positive in outlook, centering around themes of falling in love, moments in places, light, breathing, walking, urban living and finding beauty in a sometimes heavy environment.
Living together in a shared house in East London, frontman Nick Green and lead guitarist Josh Tyler would start writing songs together as an escape from the restlessness of the city. “A sort of meditation from the mess”, says Nick. With the arrival of the lockdown, their immediate surroundings became even more vivid and influential as spring turned to summer last year. “I’ve been reading about Psychogeography and the weird link between where you are and how you feel and how sometimes those two things can align to make you feel like you’re in a sweet spot just for a split second or an afternoon,” explains Josh.
Nowhere is the essence of the album found more precisely than on the album’s title track which documents a relationship blossoming at the first signs of the summer. “The single highlights what I was seeing at the time; light, windows, day-to-day goodness and being in a good place,” explains Nick. “Once that song came together I felt like we’d landed on the sound of the album,” says guitarist Josh. “I was struggling to write a line for it but it slowly began to flow in a practice in Alex’s kitchen. I like how it’s a turn of phrase that feels close to something you might say on a daily basis but never think twice about,” he continues.

Lets It In” commences with this prominent and bouncy bass beat/scale, the rhythms emerge from the sunny guitar strokes and the soaring delicate vocal harmonies. This captivating stop-start of intricate experimental notes shimmer during these complex passages. At times, this lo-fi energy emits from the exploration whilst Breathe Panel simultaneously builds this mellow yet moreish upbeat vibe throughout this essential journey.

“Lets It In” is destined to move any listener, keeping the audience fully engaged and committed to this dazzling and soulful creation. Creatively pulling in all musicians to ignite this intensive stride into the proceedings yet never once overstepping the mark. Each musician has ample space to make their sound known, their workmanship offers such an inspiring influence. Breathe Panel combines these dedicated elements of shoegaze, garage rock, and pop, their energy consistently soars throughout and reflected into the overall tone. Yet again, Breathe Panel delivers this immersive composition with intoxicating ripples that run through. There’s such a vibrance emitting from the tone and the tenderly brushed beats, the vocal notes provide this comfort to the release and hook us. Somehow amongst all of this, a distinctly organic texture is captured throughout. When the track ends, that buoyant bass beat will linger for some time..

For a band who are at their most comfortable writing songs together in a living room, swapping drum kits for cushions, it’s unsurprising that the music Breathe Panel produce is as rejuvenating to listen to as it is for them to produce. The result is a second album that sounds real and present in the moment, evoking the moments in time in which it was made, calling to mind the warm 90’s indie-rock of bands like Acetone and The Sea and Cake. Breathe Panel is here to soothe the collective soul in 2021. 

Live Dates
Thu 23 Sept  London, The Lexington
Sat 25 Sept   Bristol, Dot to Dot 2021
Sun 26 Sept  Nottingham, Dot to Dot 2021
Sat 16 Oct  Leeds, Live at Leeds


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