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Bitch Hunt Release New EP Shapeshifter via Reckless Yes | EP Feature

June 10, 2021

Bitch Hunt Release New EP Shapeshifter via Reckless Yes | EP Feature

Independent UK record label Reckless Yes continue to dazzle the industry with their growing family and broad range of talent. Reckless Yes support the most creative musicians with a true DIY ethos and their latest release, found via London based 4 piece Bitch Hunt, will electrify you.

Bitch Hunt released their debut EP, ‘Shapeshifter’, via Reckless Yes at the tail end of May, releasing the EP on limited CD and digitally from 28th May 2021. 

A non-binary alt-rock band from London Bitch Hunt formed in 2017 for First Timers Fest, an annual festival where every band plays its first show. Think the vocals of The Breeders, twisty guitars of Slothrust and the rhythm section of Babes in Toyland. Their sound, characterised by soaring harmonies, witty and emotive lyrics and fuzzy guitars, varies from pop punk to bluesy alt-rock to country. 

Their new 5 track EP will leave a lasting impression. The new record portrays Bitch Hunt in the best light, a fearless energy radiates from each musician that forms this captivating outfit, and that energy is captured within each note, tone, harmony, and clearly present throughout their entire record. Bitch Hunt aren’t afraid of touching on subjects that are personal, raw, or insular. They dynamically shift their landscapes to incorporate an array of relatable affections, they boost their vision with emotional appeal and have this immersive, daring attitude.

“Out Of Eden” kick starts the record and immediately identifies this reflective ambiance, this stirring emotion almost instantly bounces from the outfit to the audience. Distinguishing themselves as charming yet jagged, in the best way possible. This bright bass note carries the penetrating drumbeat and directs the raw lyrics to join the growing ambiance. When the lead guitar injects this raucous yet rather playful/ fun hook to the ensemble, with it comes the sudden intensity. Bitch Hunt have this impressive nature to provide this moving and raw atmosphere whilst controlling the power and instigating these high-octane peaks within their collaborative instrumentation.

“Identity Clinic” follows and urgently breaks the ambiance and the setting from the first track and dives right into the next creation. Such is the infectious energy of this promising outfit, Bitch Hunt play by their own rules and if the tone of the track instigates a more direct feel then that’s what the audience will instantly embrace. The vocal melodies and the break-out powerful passages of this ensemble showcase a real punk character. When the release heightens up the intensity and the forcible outfit collides with this chaotic agenda, the energy simply ignites and proves the unstoppable stamina of all 4 musicians. Bitch Hunt are at their best when they collide and capture that explosive power.

Just like that and with this flawless shift, the third single comes to our attention on this crucial journey. Once again this huge transition in energy emits this vital directional change. “Eau Claire” plays on this vibrant vocal collaboration. With the higher melodies lifting the more baritone notes delivering the lyrical course, the harmonies soar. The rhythmic guitar noodles that flair up throughout this arrangement bring this elated influence. Lifting the lo-fi creation and injecting this complex layer which ultimately assists in stirring a new vibe into the end ensemble. That elated vibe we touch on, we find this feeling of summer piercing through the atmosphere, all of which bouncing from the lead guitar tone. That vibe combined with the multi-vocal collaboration captivates our full attention as we can picture this visionary world thanks to the innovative words of this piece.

“Shapeshifter’ ties in this intimate lyrical notion, looking into one’s self and embracing change and understanding. The tones and intensity of this composition deliver a somewhat nostalgic attribute. The alluring path that grips the lyrics, provides this addictive nature, and soon into first listen you’ll be repeating the words back with the outfit. A stellar composition.

Finally, the EP ends on the superb closer “I Wanna Be Un/Happy”, the most fitting release to close this compelling record with. This bonus track is available on CD and Bandcamp digital download versions, an absolute must to enjoy the record in all its glory.

“I Wanna Be Un/Happy” takes the best of all the previous singles and combines this edgy, consuming element. The tone from the first note mirrors this brooding angst that carries on throughout the entire release. This is the track built on honesty and punk values. Screaming vocals at times just resonate with the audience, we’ve all been there. It’s an intimate formation and in ways despite the atmosphere emitting this raw appeal and ominous power, the single shifts to take away those boundaries and barriers between outfit and audience, for this is the release where the musicians lay bare to embrace those inner thoughts and harsh aura.

Bitch HuntShapeshifter is out now via Reckless Yes. Grab your copy now.

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