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The Jungle Giants Release New Track “Treat You Right” Feat Guest Vocals From Confidence Man’s Janet Planet

May 2, 2021
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Brisbane act The Jungle Giants reveal their latest single ‘Treat You Right’, a euphoric track featuring guest vocals from Confidence Man’s Janet Planet. The track maintains the positive and quirky spirit which has seen the band rise to one of Australia’s biggest and most beloved independent acts, with multiple platinum-selling singles in their homeland, 300 million streams across their discography, and a rapidly growing international fanbase, including a sold-out headline show at London’s Electric Brixton in early 2020. Channeling the uplifting indie-dance feel of previous singles ‘Sending Me Ur Loving’ and ‘In Her Eyes’, ‘Treat You Right’ is the latest installment from the bands anticipated upcoming album, and was written and produced by frontperson Sam Hales, who is also contributing member of Confidence Man. 

The Jungle Giants have this infectious attitude emitting from each tone, texture, and rhythm they craft and deliver within “Treat You Right”. An expansive exploration that focuses on this sharp and oblique rhythm that soars across the gentle clapping beats and the electronic elements. The lyrics deliver this raw tale whilst the melody becomes so more-ish the complimenting dual vocals boost one another and assist with the harmonic currency of this creation. That attitude we mentioned earlier just takes charge of the entire creation, you’ll be singing back to this ensemble after the first listen. The atmosphere accepts this brooding edge whilst the structure continues to add these frivolous tweaks and funky energy. This is such a power and pop-driven arrangement, one of the most memorable tracks of 2021 and then some.

On the track, Hales notes: “Can’t wait to finally share Treat You Right. This is one of the first tracks I wrote for the upcoming record and also the first duet we’ve ever released. It’s Janet Planet from Confidence Man singing on the track and she’s brought the sass.”

After completing a world tour in early 2020, The Jungle Giants returned to Australia at the same time the pandemic hit, forcing everyone into strict lockdown. For Hales, the timing couldn’t have been better, providing the push he needed to properly go it alone creatively. Being locked away in the studio by himself for weeks on end proved taxing, but also fortuitous, both personally and professionally. It forced Hales to take creative risks, like channeling Timbaland and Ashanti in his ‘90s production style and vocal falsettos.  “I got the perfect excuse to do everything exactly according to me, and I didn’t seem like a mean person!” Hales laughs. “I could just sit in the studio and play everything myself.” 

Originally conceptualised as a solo project, The Jungle Giants became a fully-realised band in 2011 when vocalist/guitarist Sam Hales was joined by high school friends Cesira Aitken (lead guitar), Andrew Dooris (bass), and Keelan Bijker (drums). Their 2019 single ‘Heavy Hearted’ recently became certified-platinum, and was officially nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ by Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). Previous album, 2017’s Quiet Ferocity, saw the band reach a career-high, producing two certified Australian Platinum singles in  ‘Feel The Way I Do and Used To Be In Love, and two certified Australian Gold singles in Bad Dream and On Your Way Down. All four singles made appearances in the iconic, publicly-voted Australian annual music poll the triple j Hottest 100, as well as ‘Sending Me Ur Loving’ which reached 8th place in the 2020 poll, a huge feat for an independent band. 

‘Treat You Right’ is out now via Together We Can Work Together / Amplifire Music 

Listen here:

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