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The Go! Team Share New Single “Pow” – New Album “Get Up Sequences Part One” Out July 2nd via Memphis Industries

May 16, 2021

The Go! Team Share New Single “Pow”

New Album Get Up Sequences Part One Out July 2nd
via Memphis Industries

In March, The Go! Team returned with their first new music since 2018’s SEMICIRCLE, sharing their well-received single “World Remember Me Now” as part of the announce of their album Get Up Sequences Part One, which is set to be released via Memphis Industries on July 2nd. Today the band are sharing a second single from the album, a track entitled “Pow,” on which jump ready rhymes from front-woman Ninja team up with layered flute samples over a snare and floor tom locked groove and a hypnotic bassline.

The Go! Team are here to fill your world with some upbeat traction, they know how to create these essential compositions which will move you and fill you with elation. “Pow” is this dynamic composition filled with complex beats and a bold expressive rhythm that comes into play and bring with them this much-needed feel-good essence. The Go! Team continues to create these far-reaching moving ensembles with the most desirable beats. Direct lyrics and sweeter yet harsh vocal notes. These unpredictable break downs allow this mixtape creation to captivate you, the energy from this arrangement excels throughout and assists with the playful attitude.

I’ve always been interested in flipping between sections within the same song – a bit like channel hopping,” says the Go! Team’s main songwriter Ian Parton of the single. “This track channels Curtis Mayfield one second, soaring Mellotron strings the next. Ninja’s old school rapping rubs shoulders with dive bombing guitars – The Go! Team’s always been about the difference between things.

On Get Up Sequences Part One, the Team (Ian, Ninja, Nia, Simone, Sam and Adam) have created a musical world distinctly of their own making. A place where routine is outlawed and perfection is the enemy. Where Ennio Morricone meets the Monkees armed with flutes, glockenspiels, steel drums and a badass analogue attitude. We’re talking widescreen, four-track, channel hopping sounds that are instantly recognisable.  Read more about Get Up Sequences Part One plus some personal Go! Team recollections in the Don Letts penned bio here.

The recording of the album was a tough process for main man Ian Parton as he elaborates: “I lost hearing in my right ear halfway during the making of this record. I woke up one Thursday in October 2019 and my hearing was different in some way – it fluctuated over a few weeks and at one point everything sounded like a Dalek. I seem to remember listening to music was bordering on unbearable. Over time it settled into just a tiny bit of hi end being audible on my right side. I thought the hearing loss was from playing music too loud over the years but it turns out I was just unlucky and it was a rare condition called Menieres. It was traumatic to keep listening to songs i knew well but which suddenly sounded different and it was an odd juxtaposition to listen to upbeat music when I was on such a downer. The trauma of losing my hearing gave the music a different dimension for me and It transformed the album into more of a life raft.

1. Let the Seasons Work
2. Cookie Scene
3. A Memo for Maceo
4. We Do it but Never Know Why
5. Freedom Now
6. Pow
7. I Loved You Better
8. A Bee Without its Sting
9. Tame the Great Plains
10. World Remember Me Now

“Pow” is out now on Memphis Industries. Get Up Sequences Part One is out on July 2nd on Memphis Industries. Pre-order from their store here.

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