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Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Release Sophomore Album “33” – Out Now via Shrink Your World Records

May 30, 2021

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Release Sophomore Album “33” – Out Now via Shrink Your World Records

Back in April, we shared the highly anticipated comeback single from Sean Grant & The Wolfgang; as they shared the stunning new single “Bodies Of Christ“, the first official taste of new music and a teaser for what we were due with the sophomore album “33“.

There’s a certain legacy to Sean Grant & The Wolfgang and rightfully so, continuously evolving and pushing their boundaries, they need to be putting pen to paper and utilizing life experiences to deliver such compelling and meaningful compositions, the return of Sean Grant especially when the first single dropped last month, the return comes at a time where we certainly need to lose ourselves within the powerful lyrics – now the album is here for us to lose ourselves within.

The personal touch hits home, as Sean thought he might not release music again; after he began 2020 at his work. Since quitting alcohol, adapting a vegan lifestyle and embracing meditation and mindfulness to change his life, Sean return to writing and recording. The material captured would eventually become the new album “33”. The new 9 track record, as like the last album, is out now and has been released in support of charity CALM (www.thecalmzone.net), who are leading a movement against suicide.

Album opener “Bodies Of Christ” dramatically opens up the album’s proceedings and immediately sets the bar so high for the following 8 tracks. With “Bodies Of Christ” the audience has no choice but to immerse themselves into the thick of the ferocious instrumentation that immediately propels the journey into the center of the intense soundscape – this, a key quality that dazzles throughout the album. Sean Grant & The Wolfgang fiercely welcome their own return with this sonic structure of which they team the heaviness with subtle tones and soothing vocal harmonies.

This fierce wealth of brooding instrumentation and a bold drum beat instantly engulfs the exploration before the delicate yet powerful vocals of Sean Grant cascade over the mighty tone which soars throughout. Maintaining this monotonous hard-hitting percussive beat against the biting riffs assists the full-bodied sound, the ensemble shows no signs of weakness. Dynamically shifting the intensity throughout, the outfit proudly weaves crucial angular breakdowns to capture a necessary transition within their work. When the intensity heightens, this consuming melody emerges and emits this serious 80s post-punk energy. The atmosphere darkens when the power possesses the flow. Sean Grant & The Wolfgang have created immersive music at its very best with “Bodies of Christ“, bringing this whole new credible rock feel within the tonality of this creation. What sets this act apart, Sean’s tender vocal notes layered over the expressive orchestration ultimately unites fragility with ferocity, you embrace the fearless motion set out within the release. The charging rhythm innocently softened by the soothing vocals, which can easily be compared to that of Josh Homme. Impresive work choosing this release as the opener, a track which is simply striking, it reaches out to you and connects with the emotional current channeling the direction.

Just when you think, how can this be followed up, “Murder Scene” follows and soon alters that ambiance whilst keeping the audience genuinely fixated. Pounding rhythms pursue the griping structure of this visionary release, the musicians manage to carefully capture a sweeter vibe which so subtly shines within this release, present in the shimmering notes delicately emerging throughout the dirty sustained bass/synth notes and squelchy riffs. Another moody ensemble which although feels more controlled than the first track still offers this gargantuan landscape of dextrous reinforced rock. Sean’s sublime vocal notes tenderly collide with that abrupt drum beat and heavy tone, creating this intoxicating emotional pull within a darker track. By allowing the harmonies to attack the abrupt aggressive instrumentation rather than weave throughout the notes, this creative aspect captures another degree of impressive musicianship. Although just over 3 minutes 30 seconds when “Murder Scene” ends, the audience realizes their not quite finished with that outcome, that addiction to Sean Grant & The Wolfgang grows with more time we can endorse this prolific outfit.

“To Drink Is To Die” – simply put, this is one of the most raw compositions that will embrace anyone. This grunge like essence exudes over the biting riff, a real sense of melancholy cascades over the tone and the overall direction of this release but it’s the intimate, raw lyrics which hit you. A real gut-wrenching power escalates from the words and the emotional delivery from the singer. A sense of realization not only impacts the flow of this release and the lyrical outcome but the way the track and the energy transitions, that insightful awakeneing is somehow captured within this stark arrangement. The chorus will send chills, although the melody itself is born from this alluring appeal in which we quickly sing back the lyrics, when we take the time to factor the severity of the words, we appreciate the impact. The surging intensity at 2 minutes 45 will move you, that power breaks through, that’s the sign of change. Powerful, moving, and pure. We understand where this album found inspiration, we understand the sheer value of this honest track. That possessive quality captured in the depths of this ensemble shadows the entire journey.

This brutalist impression engulfs the entire aura for “Die Beautiful” as this angular creation showcases this plethora of rambunctious riffs and this magnificent taut rock energy. Each track shares an important intimate impression yet “Die Beautiful” stands as the hit of the album, the track which will get the audience shouting back when reunited in a live environment.

Elsewhere on the record, tracks such as “Night Crawling”, “Light Closes Eyes” and “Cardboard Dreams” capture this mystique and attention to detail. Each release offers variants of rolling drums and percussive excellence, demanding tones that provide this enthralling influence whilst all these singles embark on a journey with plenty of darkness lying under the surface. Alternating rhythmic formations keep the listeners hooked at the unpredictable nature that Sean Grant & The Wolfgang proudly capture. The power within these three tracks emits this real trance-like state, mirrored in the lyrical passages and the quirky stop-starts. That impressive energy is always at the forefront of each composition, that power can abruptly change course and the audience is aware at any moment, the tonality and the ambiance can move, and in turn, move their own mood. Such a complex, daring feature this act delicately chooses to inject where possible.

Title track “33″ starts with a dramatically slower tempo than the tracks that flowed previous, this time silence intertwines with the chiming notes and the soothing vocal melody. The sheer intensity that hits you throughout, that’s not present at the start of the release and the blinding contrast will consume you. This is the emotionally charged ballad of the album. In a fearless turn, the album takes away that aggressive nature of the hard-hitting instrumentation, for “33” is focused on that softer more mellow edge. The swooning minimalist notes carefully form the honest structure, pressing electronic elements slowly build the tension until the forcible textures briefly up the anti and push the compelling severity into your immediate attention. The focus throughout is the fragility of the brooding yet dominating vocal harmonies, this arrangement welcomes the aching affliction from the artist. Stripping away any boundaries, barriers, and bruising beats, the atmosphere allows this exceptional pull of truth. Sean fearlessly adopts this gentle motion to showcase the fragility of this artist, penning these insightful thoughts to adapt to lyrics and tell all to their audience in such an honest, fearless way. That softer side doesn’t stay around for too long as the final 3 tracks bring that consistent credible energy back to the center stage.

Finally, the album closes on the stunning tender track “Become the Observer (Let Go)”– a  sort of life-affirming anthem of our times. The powerful and moving ensemble delivers this crucial and poignant ambiance, whilst the slow burner of a track builds the journey and plays on the growing passages, the piece becomes this introspective orchestral piece with the most harrowing lyrics. The haunting atmosphere seemingly captures this religious aspect growling from the choir-like church tones echoing in the open, extensive yet equally comforting and warming soundscape.

’33‘ is, according to Grant, a “crossover of struggles with mental health, religious and scientific views, yogic philosophies, ancient civilisations, the Bible, and quantum physics”. ’33’, he believes, “sits back on these topics with an open mind connecting the dots; grasping at the secrets of the universe”.’33′ is straight from the heart, and carries a message that has powerful connotations of self discovery, paths to enlightenment – plus the mysteries of the number 33.

“33” is a personal journey, one which we feel honored to have cradled from start to finish. Those artists who remove their own boundaries and instead push their experiences and feelings into this cathartic emotive musical influence, they are the artists you can effortlessly connect with. This album delivers 9 personal tracks which lays bare to the world. No masks, no pretentiousness just pure inflictions. “33” captures this struggling blend of beauty and brawn, complex yet charming, raw yet raucous, an essential mix of tracks capturing righteous anger and attitude sitting hand in hand with sublime sentimental serenades.

Throughout the years, the progression of this artist in any outfit they relish within, the magnitude of their workmanship has excelled over time. That maturity resonates within the quality of the songwriting, the structures, and the substantial upheaval of emotional attributes that resonate from this latest body of work- the beautiful album of “33″ will leave an imprint on your world.



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