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QLOWSKI Share New Track “Folk Song”- Debut Album “Quale Futuro?” due 4th June on Maple Death Records / Feel It Records

May 22, 2021
credit: Patrick Smith 


Share new single “Folk Song”

Debut album, Quale Futuro? due 4th June on
Maple Death Records / Feel It Records (N. America)

Live dates in London and Manchester this summer

With their debut LP Quale Futuro? fast approaching, twee punks Qlowski share punchy new single, “Folk Song“.

They say of the accompanying video, “The original idea was to recreate a late 70s/early 80s Top of the Pops scenario – but given the nature of the song we opted for a more dreamy/nightmarish vibe. The presenter is struggling pronouncing our name and no one in the crowd is even slightly touched by our performance and music. Everyone is actually frozen in time, as if our music wasn’t even reaching their reality. For once we wanted to be ironic and funny, but it turned out quite Lynchian I’m afraid!”

Qlowski has already made a bold impression, the band are guaranteed to release one of the most powerful records of 2021, now the outfit has shared their latest single “Folk Song”. The dramatic composition commences with this outburst of energy, a quick-paced and abrupt drum shuffle leads the journey and is then joined with the entwining brash bass notes and a dark complex tone, synth notes soar and the brooding vocal harmonies captivate your full attention. Once each musician joins forces the power escalates and the sound delivers this complexity and augmented essence.

As the release flows into its heavy landscape, a sudden and dramatic series of stop-starts shine, filled with erratic drum beats that ultimately cause this enveloping sound and consuming atmosphere. “Folk Song” captures this promising ode to an 80’s post-punk hit, allowing this vital energy to shine amongst the dense and dark ambiance. Qlowski mirror the mighty genre whilst still allowing this refreshing and contemporary essence to collide with the raw kinetic power on display. Soaring melodic moments and raw rhythms follow, this explosive energy from all members becomes an essential hook for this song, each musician has the ability to alter the intensity at any given moment which injects this unpredictable nature from Qlowski.

They’ve utilized this intense instrumentation that utterly compels the audience through the powerful play but this time the outfit has emerged this key feature into their vision, by adding in such a raw them, lashes of emotion immerses into the energy and becomes this bold focal point for this release.

Qlowski once again showcases their captivating composition that will leave it’s remarkable impression.

1. Ikea Youth Pt. 2
2. Folk Song
3. A Woman
4. Lentil Soup
5. To Be True
6. All Good
7. Interlude (02-11-1975)
8. Lotta Continua
9. Larry’s Hair Everywhere
10. The Wanderer
11. In a Cab to Work (ft. Les Miserable)


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