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Paper Birch Sign to Reckless Yes – Announce Debut Album “morninghairwater” due July 30th + Share New Single ‘Love For The Things Yr Not’

May 21, 2021

Paper Birch sign to Reckless Yes and share new single
‘Love For The Things Yr Not’

Debut album morninghairwater is out July 30th

Paper Birch is a collaborative experimental noise rock duo formed by Fergus Lawrie (Urusei Yatsura) and Dee Sada (NEUMES / An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump) in May 2020. United by mutual feelings of despair, fragility and hope, they passed ideas and sounds between London and Glasgow whilst the UK was in lockdown.

The resulting 9-track debut LP morninghairwater is set to be released on vinyl, CD and digital via independent label Reckless Yes on July 30th 2021

Written, recorded and produced during the first lockdown, morninghairwater is a collection of thoughts and sounds which represent the emotional space between clinging on to the old pre-pandemic world and hurtling into a strange, unknown, terrifying new world” says Sada. “It’s a testament to love, hope, beauty, fear, loss, sadness and isolation.” A melting pot of genres, morninghairwater twists and turns through moments of 60’s inspired indie-pop, fuzzed out angular shoegaze and glitchy electronic soundscapes with astonishing ease.  

On lead single ‘Love For The Things Yr Not’, the track is described as starting with scratchy chords that unfurl through a circuit-bent delay pedal like a glitchy take on a Velvet Underground track. “I’ve always loved male and female vocals from 60s pop to Bollywood songs to Shane McGowan and Sinead O’ Connor’s ‘Haunted’ so it was amazing that Fergus was up for both of us singing the majority of songs on this album,” expains Sada.

Reckless Yes Records · Love For The Things Yr Not

In the first 10 seconds of the release this powerful tone resonates, with each strum, this elated emotion can be found within the ambiance. The influx of intensity from the notes performed at the first few bars and that simmers underneath the soaring vocal notes, this tone adds a juxtapose of warmth within the vision. Whilst the dual vocal harmonies and the intimate essence of the lyrical execution stir this feeling of sadness wrapped up in the thrilling emotion. When the delicate vocal harmonies join the arrangement, the atmosphere dynamically shifts alongside the intensity causing a complex transition and yet providing this ultimate hook. Steering towards this personal influence with the raw and tender lyrics, the fragility emits from the collaborative vocal tones that charge the intensity of this riveting release.

With the vibrant guitar tones fighting to dominate the landscape, the mix of this arrangement cleverly unites the gritty tones with the softer serene notes, bringing the course to collide with the beautiful. A match made in heaven. The emotion escalates as the journey meanders through this immersive impression. The lyrics seemingly captured by melancholy and driven by this carefully controlled yet pent-up assault.

Paper Birch have crafted this innovative ensemble that pulls at the audiences’ affection, the duo capture this mature power that the pair possess, moulding their meaningful melody into something absolutely haunting.

The album also marks the beginnings of a collaborative relationship with renowned visual artist, Thomas James who has created thrilling films for Ghostpoet, Paloma Faith and most recently, The English National Ballet. Whilst morninghairwater may be a product of the universally challenging time in which it was recorded, the duo has already started work on their second album and Paper Birch looks set to be an enduring fixture of the UK experimental scene.   

1. Summer Daze
2. Love For The Things Yr Not
3. Elegy As We Mourn
4. I Don’t Know You
5. Hide
6. Cemetary Moon
7. Blue Heartbreak
8. Curse Us
9. Fallen

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