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Lando Manning Shares New Single “Sleeping Tips”

May 16, 2021
Photo by Lily Purbrick


OUT 14th MAY



Brighton-based indie songster Lando Manning puts the feelers out for summer with his playful new single ‘Sleeping Tips’. This track comes off the back of the success of his single ‘Today’ an introspective track released in January, which garnered him new fans worldwide. While Lando’s previous sound has been influenced by elements of folk, post-punk and grunge, ‘Sleeping Tips’ draws from a different pool of Lando’s musical interest, a mixture of modern indie artists such as Devendra Banhart and Connan Mockasin, as well as 1970s British acid folk’ artists like Mark Fry, which has paved the way for a distinctly fresh new chapter in Lando’s musical odyssey. 

Such a memorable release from Lando Manning. With this rebellious nature emitting from the raw yet intimate lyrics, the soft delivery becomes this comforting cloak for the artist to protect against the powerful words. Lando utilizes this harmonious affection as the melodies divert the ambiance from the fragility of the words on offer throughout. By allowing the tender notions to weave through this bed of charming chorus and lo-fi tones, a complex bed of instrumentation backs the vocalist and pushes the exploration into this dreamy flow. Additional intricate guitar tones and expressive noodles join the atmosphere. Not only does Manning capture this ironic affection within their words but the deliverance oozes this complex emotional resilience, it feels as if Manning is allowing this reflective piece to show this honest from the heart appeal. The exploration ends up embracing this “well that’s what it is” momentum, take it or leave it. The fact the artist can conjure up such a range of sentiment within their arrangement, that’s a truly impressive skill.

‘Sleeping Tips’ is decribed as marking a departure from the melancholic and introspective tones of previous singles ‘Today’ and ‘Veneer’ towards a more light-hearted sound. “I didn’t want my next release to be another sombre track about lockdown as I felt that people will be getting quite a few of those, so I wanted to make something a bit more fun, something that doesn’t take itself so seriously which people can make of what they want”.

The track was recorded in February of this year with friend and rising Brighton-based producer Miles Dee who also contributed production, lead guitar, bass and synths to the mix with Lando providing vocals and rhythm guitar parts to the final track. This marks the second collaboration between childhood friends Lando and Miles. 

The art, made by Lily Purbrick, depicts Lando’s bedroom window from his childhood home in south London.

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