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kabbel Shares New Video “No More XTC” | UK Premiere

May 5, 2021

kabbel Shares New Video “No More XTC” | UK Premiere

Gregory Hoepffner is a name you should already know about. The French Multi-instrumentalist has been expressing himself through countless musical identities for 20 years. Currently, Gregory is part of these impressive outfits- Almeeva, Jean Jean, SURE., or Juni (ex-Kid North). Now Gregory has taken 2021 as the year in which to embrace his most personal project yet, releasing new music under his alter ego, kabbel.

This personal record was created after Gregory embarked on this new beginning. Moving to Sweden, exploring new territories, and regaining a love for singing. Whilst utilizing the enthralling dark new-wave motion that some of the previous outfits have touched upon, kabbel has released a 4 track EP destined to deliver this daring creation of aggressive influences fused with isolated instrumentation. A gallant record that will shake you to your core.

Today, we are honoured to share kabbel‘s new music video for “No More XTC” which was recorded live in Gothenburg. Watch the video in full below:

“No More XTC” is the dramatic closing arrangement for kabbel’s recent EP “End of Norms“. The new single starts with this brooding pulsation before this jarring and off-kilter synth wave joins the proceedings to present a very dramatic stir. The bulky tone disappears momentarily following its ferocious flair up, the sudden dissolution allows the dark and dominating vocal notes to emerge within the structure. The lyrics take focus against that pulsating beat which keeps the momentum on track throughout this exploration. As this growing ensemble carefully allows the audience to see the crucial layers being constructed and intoxicating tones piercing through the vision, that jarring sound that surged through the first initial bars of the release, this noise starts to rear up again. With this sudden infliction being controlled, the presence is enough to jolt you, but not enough for the ambiance to alter, kabbel has crafted this ensemble with such an intensive atmosphere that the audience is kept on their toes.

As the release continues, kabbel maintains this immersive landscape, elongated vocal harmonies echo into the expressive creation that opens up to provide this gritty yet colossal world. The vocal notes keep the comforting essence amongst this grand structure, the vast world emitting from the intircate electronic notes allude this intimidating feel so the audience clings to the lyrics to find comfort and intimate solice. kabbel understands the importance of immersive explorations but with such a twist, kabbel is in total control of their audience throughout “No More XTC“, the shifting intensity and the subtle tweaks throughout the release is an affect mastered by kabbel. This unpredicatble current becomes a neccessary trait to this release and you grasp at the brooding baritone melody which could easily transition and ignite the enegy of the performance at any given moment. The not knowing where this exploration will take you, mixed with the moody archictecture of this track- you’ll be hooked.

With the new video, there’s a distinct intimacy resonating throughout the performance. Not only that but the video is captured within this gothic limelight which only adds greater depth to the composition.

End Of Norms Track Listing

  1. Lights Go Out
  2. Young Again
  3. Tied
  4. No More XTC

Back in April, kabbel courageously dropped one of the most influential and neccessary EPs of the year. “End of Norms” captures this destructive array of damning tones, set amongst a tender atmosphere. 4 tracks of the most intimate yet adventurous industrial laced compositions.

These four tracks define a sound that appeared during a stormy night on a Swedish island. It took Gregory a year of reflection to bring it to life. Meeting and ultimately sharing a studio with producer-extraordinaire Christoffer Berg (Fever Ray, The Knife, Depeche Mode…) also helped the process. Today, Kabbel defines its musical identity as Queer Sadcore. The darkness of extreme music, in its industrial but also aerial expression, crosses paths with the plea- sure of modern pop, against a cinematic and theatrical background.Clément Duboscq

The EP came from a personal realisation from Gregory, “I never had a ‘role model’ in this scene to turn to in order to
accept my sexuality. I spent most of my life wanting to be someone else because I thought I was an anomaly, not fitting into any box. I started living a real life quite late, and making music was the only thing I had when I was alone. It was the only thing that allowed me to have friends, a social life, a job… So it’s important for me to be an artist that says ‘it’s OK to be queer/gay/lesbian and to make and/ or enjoy dark and weird music. You belong here and fuck those who think otherwise.’

When you take that info in above and let the record connect with you, you embrace that heroic, personal touch to the EP. The entire record infuses this tender, raw lyrical approach and blends with this sonic and destructive abrasive soundscape. The vocal notes throughout the course of this 4-track collection enhance this emotive appeal. kabbel throughout connects this harsh environment filled with a kaleidoscopic approach of dark elements, fierce lashes with these deeply intimate, moving vocal notes. This EP shows vulnerability and realization amidst this raucous, compelling soundscape. That abrasive touch mirrors the highs and dramatic lows of life. This EP has so many levels to each track, it really is a fearless and innovative creation. This is a vital record for our times.




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